AffiliationClan Smoke Jaguar
RankStar Captain

Shane' was a female trueborn member of Clan Smoke Jaguar, and one of the founding members of the Fidelis.


Shane was a veteran Elemental, which fought under Paul Moon's orders. She survived to Operation BULLDOG and the battle for Huntress. As she wasn't taken bondsman, after her Clan's destruction, she survived at loading docks of Lootera. The 5 June 3060, she met Moon in the bar Tipsy McStaggers, and both talked about their Clan's disappearance, and about a guerrilla force of former Jaguars appearing, led by the Jaguar. She made him realize than he must do something to save their Clan.[1]

The 24 July, Moon searched her again at the same bar. Moon had been allowed to form an Elemental SLDF unit, and he wanted her as his second-in-command. Moon revealed her to be planning to take part of his Clan to settle another planet. She willingly agreed to join him.[2] Shane joined the unit, called the Ghosts, fighting the 7 August on the Trial of Abysmal against Clan Goliath Scorpion, surviving to it.[3]

She joined the Jaguars' exodus to Wayside V, and, along the Ghosts, fought under Moon's orders in the Battle of the Straits, surviving it and becoming one of the founders of the Fidelis. By 10 January 3077, she had risen to a high rank, as, during a Word of Blake attack on Wayside, Moon instructed her to command the unit Striker Umbra to crush the invaders.[4]

Physical Description[edit]

Shane was described as muscled but feminine, with red hair.[5]


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