Sophina Desiree

Sophina Desiree
Character Profile
Also known as Sophina Marik
Died 3057
Affiliation House Desiree
Title(s) Duchess of Oceana[1]
Spouse Thomas Marik[1]
Children Joshua Marik[1]

Sophina Desiree was the Duchess of Oceana and wife of (ostensibly) Captain-General Thomas Marik; in truth her husband was Thomas Marik's double, and their son Joshua had no blood relation to his supposed older sister Isis who was the real Thomas Marik's child (with a different mother).


In 3047 Sophina would marry Captain-General "Thomas Marik".[1]

Sophina Marik fell terminally ill in 3057, and died between 12 June and 16 August of that year.[2] Her son Joshua had died shortly before on 20 May while undergoing treatment for leukemia at the NAIS, but this fact was withheld from House Marik for political reasons and he was substituted with a body double; it is unclear if Sophina learned of his death before she died.


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