Taxation Edict of 2763

Richard Cameron II passed this Taxation Edict in 2763.


This edict was a steep increase in taxes from throughout the Human Sphere, but especially upon the already oppressive tax burden on the Periphery, and caused great civil unrest. As the tax increase was a clear infraction on the Reunification Treaties, the Periphery governments quickly became militarized, and prepared for another Inner Sphere invasion.

The Taxation Edict of 2763 caused the Crisis required to move the SLDF and Aleksandr Kerensky away from the Terran Hegemony. The vacuum left by the SLDF deployment was compensated by the deployment of the Rim Worlds Republic Military. By 2765, the New Vandenberg Uprising had begun in the Taurian Concordat, and substantial numbers of SLDF troops were redeployed away from the core worlds to fight unrest. The Rim Worlds Republic under Amaris offered to redeploy troops to cover these gaps, and with Richard's approval they began to deploy to Terran worlds and take over many of the Castle Brian and Space Defense System installations. By December, 2765, Stefan was ready. Stefan presented The First Lord with a ceremonial, jewel-encrusted laser pistol in the Star League High Council chamber, Unity City, Terra, and then shot the First Lord in the head. Stefan Amaris proclaimed himself First Lord of the Star League.

Stefan ordered Aleksandr Kerensky to maintain operations (against the Taurian Concordat), which Kerensky refused. Both sides then requested aid, which was flatly refused by each Territorial State and each Inner Sphere State. Thus started the Amaris Civil War (2766 - 2780). Kerensky began his operations by conquering the Rim Worlds Republic, led by Stefan's regent, the patriotic Mohammed Selim, an unambitious administrator Stefan could trust. Kerensky took the Rim Worlds capital of Apollo (renamed Terra Prime by Stefan Amaris to "honor" First Lord Richard) in 2769.[1][2][3]


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