The Fomorians

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25th Striker Regiment
Formed unknown
Nickname n/a
Affiliation SLDF
Parent Command LXI Corps

The Twenty-Fifth Striker Regiment was a part of the 2nd Regimental Combat Team attached to the Star League Defense Force Twelfth Army's LXI Corps, eventually becoming The Fomorians mercenary unit following the Star League Civil War.


SLDF Service - Twenty-Fifth Striker Regiment[edit]

In 2763 the Second Regimental Combat Team was sent to the Detroit system to investigate rumors of a build up of weapon stockpiles. The Second was completely unprepared to face a full division of Taurian rebels. The other units of the Second were completely destroyed in the fighting, however the Twenty-fifth managed to fight its way out through the enemy's flanks to escape and call in reinforcements.[1]

In 2764, the unit was assigned, as a part of the LXI Corps, Twelfth Army, to District 2 of the Lyran Commonwealth Military Region, but was moved to an undisclosed area of the Periphery.[2].

Mercenary Service - The Fomorians[edit]

Opting not to join Operation EXODUS to remain in the Inner Sphere, in 2783 the Twenty-Fifth Striker Regiment signed on as a mercenary unit with the Lyran Commonwealth, choosing to call themselves the Fomorians.[3] [4]

Stationed on Eltanin when the First Succession War broke out, the Fomorians were among the many mercenary units to fall during that brutal conflict, being listed as destroyed prior to its conclusion in 2821. [5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 25th Striker Regiment
Commanding Officers of The Fomorians



Composition History[edit]


The Fomorians (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[6]

Note: At this point in time the heavy-weight unit was stationed on Eltanin. The unit was destroyed during the war.[6]


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