Uniforms of the DCMS

The Uniforms of the DCMS hold a special significance for the highly-militaristic Draconis Combine. In a society where a person's clothes reflect their station in life, to wear the uniform of the Combine's military denotes great prestige and respect. For this reason, even DCMS personnel on leave will often remain in their uniforms.[1][2]

Dress Uniforms[edit]

Dress uniforms for all DCMS personnel are roughly the same, with slight variations depending on service branch. A white tunic is worn with colored stripes running along the outside of the sleeves to similarly-colored cuffs and down the middle of the tunics. Originally the stripes were orange but were altered starting in 3062 into narrow red bands, while the cuffs are were changed to black. A high collar was similarly changed from orange to red, though it still carries the soldier's rank insignia. Sewn into the tunic is a belt whose clasp is shaped in the form of the Combine dragon symbol. Shoulder bars are colored to reflect branch, as are the pipping running down the length of the black trousers, which are stuffed into red boots. If the soldier has earned any medals or decorations, they may only be worn with their dress uniform.[1][2]

Duty Uniforms[edit]

Senior Officers[edit]

All officers of Tai-sa rank and higher wear the standard black uniform of senior officers, including when operating in the field. It is made of synthetic fiber called trichloropolyester, which is resistant to flames, water, and tearing to maintain an immaculate look and ensure the corpse is presentable to the enemy general if the officer falls in battle. The high-collared black tunic bears the officer's rank insignia on the left side, while each shoulder bears the black-on-red Combine dragon symbol and golden Japanese characters representing House Kurita and the Warlord of their assigned military district. Officers may wear any type of cufflinks they prefer, so long as they do not exceed two centimeters: images of the Kurita dragon, BattleMechs, or their school crest are among the popular choices. They are also permitted to wear a side arm on their belt, while graduates of the Sun Zhang Academy, Wisdom of the Dragon university, and Sun Tzu School of Combat may carry the daishō, or paired katana and wakizashi swords. Unadorned black trousers are stuffed inside black polyvinylate boots, which must be kept polished at all times. Senior officers also wear a black hat, with their regiment insignia on the front, battalion insignia on the left and company insignia on the right sides.[1][2]


MechWarriors have two sets of uniform, one for combat and one for non-combat duties. When inside the cockpit of a BattleMech, MechWarriors are only required to wear a sleeveless, legless one-piece bodysuit beneath their cooling vest and neurohelmet so as to avoid the effects of overheating. Even though they are not expected to be seen in public in this outfit, Combine MechWarriors are still expected to keep it in proper condition.[1][2]

Outside of combat, MechWarriors wear a dark grey jersey with dark grey trousers, wide black belt with silver buckle, calf-length black boots and black visor cap with regiment, battalion and company insignias. A red strip runs diagonally across the chest and down the legs of the trousers. Rank insignia is worn on the left side of the collar while the Kurita dragon symbol and insignia of the district Warlord is worn on each shoulder.[1][2]

Fighter Pilots[edit]

Aerospace Fighter pilots wear a simple brownish-purple jumpsuit and a parachute-vest with front-mounted ripcord. Pilots also special pads over the thighs, lower legs and shoulders to protect against turbulence-induced injuries, with the leg pads designed to prevent blood from pooling in the legs during high-G maneuvers. An Environmental Regulator Unit is contained in the pilot's helmet so that they may breath normally when operating in hazardous environments or the vacuum of space.[1][2]

Infantry/Armor Crews[edit]

Infantry and tank crewmen wear a full-length light tan jumpsuit with additional shoulder and elbow padding. A branch insignia pin is worn on the chest of the suit. The conventional hat has a short flap and earflaps which provide protection against the elements; those in the artillery branch have extra muffling to protect against the damaging sounds of cannons firing. Many infantry troopers are issued a helmet, gloves, and a thick jerkin to protect against blunt trauma and flamers; the jerkin also contains cooling elements to protect against excessive heat. Tank crews are also issued the same jerkin.[1][2] While the gear worn by Combine infantry provides less protection compared to that worn by other soldiers, it allows for greater flexibility and freedom of movement.[3]


Technically aerospace and ground support personnel are allowed to wear any type of clothing, as commanders generally don't care and rarely will subject them to a snap inspection. However, both wear the same brownish-purple jumpsuit with multiple pockets for carrying tools because it is the only type of clothing issued by the Procurement Department. They are required to wear their standard caps, which resemble in many ways a cloth baseball cap but contains a slim sheet of steel in the fabric to protect against blunt trauma.[1][2]

DropShip and JumpShip crewmembers wear a slightly different uniform, which includes a harness for safety harness when working around heavy machinery.[4]


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