This page is a "wishlist" of tasks for NicBot to accomplish. For the time being, please make requests through an Admin (other than Nic himself).

Directions: Determine the relative importance (be honest with yourself) of the requested task and then provide a bulleted entry, with a descriptive title, a link to your talk page, and any additional information you feel Nic may be able to use to best understand the task. Nic will contact you on your talk page if he requires additional information.


Importance Tier 1 ("rather important")[edit]

  • Project Planet: complete a new Nearby Systems table run (Volt): based upon substantial additions made to the SUCKit.

Importance Tier 2 ("extensive entries")[edit]

  • Remove all {{PlanetOverhaul}} tags from system articles (Revanche): With the near-completion of the Project: Planets overhaul and the bot-nature of the work, these tags no longer serve a purpose. Example: Inner End

Importance Tier 3 ("nice to have")[edit]

  • Remove "Map of the Inner Sphere 3130" citations (references & biblios) (Revanche): At some point, a then-accessible source was added as a reference and bibliography entry to a large number of articles. In addition to that source now being considered non-canonical, the link is no longer functional. Example: Inner End
  • Remove (now-deleted) {{FanonNotice}} tag (& section) from user talk pages (Revanche): In 2011, when the wiki went fully canonical, users who had uploaded fanon were requested via the now-outdated tag to transfer or otherwise remove any material they valued. Ten years on, the tag was deleted (as out-of-date); it would be nice to remove these reminders (and their associated section breaks) from the user talk pages. Example: User talk:Fallstar
  • Add <div style="-moz-column-count:3; column-count:3;"> to certain articles & sections:
  • Change section title "Owner History" in (remaining) system articles to "Political Affiliation" (Revanche): Example: Strato Domingo


Completed Tasks[edit]

Requests Unable To Be Completed[edit]