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White Wolf Magazine
Product information
Type Magazine
Publication information
Publisher White Wolf
First published 1987
Timeline 1987-1994
Followed by White Wolf Inphobia

White Wolf Magazine gaming magazine contained some BattleTech content. Fourty-Nine issues of the magazine were printed (the last 8 where done under a different name: White Wolf Inphobia. Some magazines had Battletech Content.

Issue 07[edit]

White Wolf Magazine 07 - Cover

A four review of Battletech Game Systems by Stephan Wieck, centered around these line products: Battletech, CityTech, AeroTech and Mechwarrior.


The magazine was mock up with a typewriter, and it includes an art image of a Kuritan Battlemaster raising from water and engaging a Marauder.

A battle between a Battlemaster and a Marauder

Issue 08[edit]

White Wolf Magazine 08 - Cover

An adventure was added in this magazine: The Campaign of Minos IV. Starting on a non canonical planet (Minos IV), the player characters are asked to defend this Rasalhague District planet (setting this adventure in the Third Succession War as otherwise the DCMS was not contracting mercenaries) against pirate raids. The adventure will send them on pursue of Redjack Ryan and to ride Butte Hold.

Issue 09[edit]

White Wolf Magazine 09 - Cover

A small BattleMech TRO was created, with six new designs for an article titled "The Useless Mechs".

It is described as a list of rare, unreliable or in some cases useless 'Mechs. This included :

  • Ballista BLS-2H : 65 ton pure LRM boat. (not to be confused with the Ballista self propelled artillery tank)
  • Box BX-8S : 80 ton framework 'Mech. (see note)
  • Jack JCK-3E : 20 ton 'ejection system 'Mech. (see note)
  • Hawk HWK-4W : 30 ton with a Sonic Cannon (see note)
  • Meteor MTR-5H : 70 ton with double the # of JJs (4/6/8) allowed. (not to be confused with the Meteor conventional fighter)
  • Sprite SPT-2R : 15 ton with double the # of JJs (3/5/6 move) allowed.


The Box and Jack were a single joined 'Mech, it was an experiment to create an ejection system that was essentially an entire 'Mech in and of itself. The Jack was little more than Internal Structure with a huge engine giving it a 12/18 move. The head itself could further eject from the body of the Jack.

The Hawk's entry had it listed as a HWK-3W, but all desctiption text called it a HWK-4W. The Sonic Cannon did 5 Heat and 10 Damage, but had a 6 out of 2d6 chance of failing and not firing. Over time the chance would increase up to "9"

Issue 10[edit]

White Wolf Magazine 10 - Cover

An article: Build a Better 'Mech tried to help players to design their own custom 'Mech, while also giving tips to the GameMaster for organizing a campaign.

Issue 33[edit]

White Wolf Magazine 33 - Cover

An article: Giant Monsters for Battletech


I do not own this number, so I have no idea exactly what it talks about.

Issue 41[edit]

White Wolf Magazine 41 - Cover

The magazine provides here an adventure: Operation Scavenger. This is a three battle scenario pitting Bravo Company of 17th Skye Rangers vs Two Stars of the 9th Talon Cluster of the Gamma Galaxy during Clan Jade Falcon assault on Barcelona. The defenders start on the city of San Sebastian and then retreat to the landing escape zone.

The adventure is proposed as a BattleTech scenario with the option to add MechWarrior RPG support.


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