William Marik (29th c.)

This article is about the third son of Captain-General Charles Marik. For the 25th century grandson of Captain-General Terrence Marik (25th c.), see William Marik (25th c.).
William Marik II
Character Profile
Born 2804[1]
Died 2843[2][3]
Affiliation House Marik
Profession Noble
Parents Charles Marik II (father)[3]
Siblings Philippa Marik
Gerald Marik II[2]
Garth Marik
Children Michael Marik[3]

William Marik II was the third son of Captain-General Charles Marik.[3]



In 2843 William was killed in action during the Battle of Danais due to a reactor failure[2], at the age of 39[1], while fighting the Lyran Commonwealth. Two days before his death, William reportedly led his troops past the town of Breckenridge on Danais, crossing the rough terrain in an ultimately successful effort to outflank the Lyran forces.[4]

Despite his death, FWLM forces managed to complete the retaking of Danais, before the end of 2843.[5]


The death of William prompted his father, Charles Marik, to order to return of his eldest child Gerald Marik II to Atreus, in order to secure the Marik succession against any similar events.[3]


William was piloting a Marauder when he died, as a result of the shielding on its reactor failing.[2]


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