Yelm Weapons

Yelm Weapons
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Fletcher[1]
Primary Products VTOLs


Yelm Weapons was a Terran Hegemony-based defense manufacturer responsible for the production of the Nightshade VTOL. The Yelm Weapons factories on Fletcher survived the Amaris Civil War and were captured by the Capellan Confederation when the Confederation annexed Fletcher immediately before the First Succession War. During the First Succession War several battles were fought for control of Fletcher, and the bulk of the military manufacturing facilities on the planet were destroyed - including the Yelm Weapons factories.[1]


Yelm Weapons had a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Fletcher:[1]
Component Type
Nightshade[1] VTOL


The entry on the Nightshade VTOL indicate that the Nightshade went out of production in the Inner Sphere following the destruction of the Yelm Weapons main plant through orbital bombardment by the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces;[2][3][4] this may refer to the destruction of the Fletcher facilities, or it may indicate that Yelm Weapons had factories on more than one planet.


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