Fiona Cochraine

Fiona Yare Cochraine
Died 3028
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Profession Colonel[1]

Fiona Yare Cochraine


In 2990 Colonel Fiona Cochraine took command of the newly reactivated Fifth Capellan Chargers regiment, a unit that had been destroyed during the First Succession War while fighting House Davion forces. The Chargers were re-equipped with 'Mechs found in a Star League repair depot on Tantara. Through this long-lost depot, located under an arctic ice shelf, the unit gained the Confederation's only allotment of Goliath BattleMechs,[1] and thereafter was renamed Cochraine's Goliaths. The Goliaths saw action on only one occasion in their early years of service because Chancellor Maximilian Liao did not want to commit the rare Goliath-filled force unless absolutely necessary. In 3005, the unit finally saw action in defense of Indicass against elements of the Ceti Hussars. There the Goliaths destroyed two companies of Davion Wolverine and Ostroc 'Mechs, forcing the Hussars to retreat.[1]

Fourth Succession War

At the outbreak of the Fourth Succession War, the Goliaths were the target of a planetary assault while garrisoning St. Andre on August 20th, 3028. The attacking Davion Light Guards were scattered because of heavy Aerospace fighter cover and their Second Battalion was unable to land.[2] The Goliaths pushed the Light Guards' First Battalion out of position by forcing the mixed light and medium ‘Mechs to stay away from their longer-ranged weapons. The command company of the Goliaths was attacked from the rear by a reinforced (double-sized) company of Light Guard 'Mechs. This Delta Company, led by Captain Andrew Redburn, hot-dropped behind the Goliaths' lines and attacked the larger 'Mechs from the rear. The Goliaths, armed with primarily long-range weapons, were unable to fight back effectively when the lighter 'Mechs closed to within short-range. When Captain Redburn, who had identified her by her 'Mech insignia, resorted to a Death from Above attack while two lances worth of his troops concentrated fire on the stubborn Assault 'Mech. To save one of his men, threatened by the colonel's 'Mech, Redburn executed a Death from Above attack, landing over her 'Mech's head. The impact caused the Goliath's reactor to blow, killing Colonel Cochraine instantly.[3] Ironically,


The Colonel's death was a crippling blow to her unit, but ironically, Redburn almost died with her: the explosion destroyed the lower part of his 'Mech. The Goliaths fell into disarray and the Guards' First Battalion pushed into the battle line leading to the destruction of Cochraine’s Goliaths.[4]


Cochraine piloted a Goliath during the Fourth Succession War.


  • It is unknown if Fiona Cochraine was related to House Cochraine, one of the clans of the Northwind Highlanders.


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