Hendrik Liao

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Hendrik Liao
Died12 November 2521[1][2]
AffiliationHouse Liao
Title(s)Duke of Liao
ParentsJasmine Liao (mother)
SiblingsRaxal Liao

Hendrik Liao was a Capellan politician, the Duke of Liao, and the tenth Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation.


Early Life[edit]

Hendrik was the son of Jasmine Liao, and twin brother of Raxal. Hendrik's mother died in office in 2477, leaving his brother as heir. During the reign of Regent-Chancellor Edmund Salindar, Hendrik became his student. In 2482, his brother Raxal abdicated the Celestial Throne to him since he had no interest in politics.

As Chancellor[edit]

Once he became Chancellor, he implemented politics based on his Duke Salindar's enlightened rule. He set up several semi-autonomous ministries which helped serve the people's needs better due to communication gaps between Sian and rest of the Confederation.

During his rule, he showed his appreciation for a strong military which he saw as guardians of the people. In his stay as Chancellor, The Lorix Creed developed among his military who were transitioning from Frontline Armor Tank forces to BattleMech augment force. Hendrik's vision of transition his military MechWarrior based army, help foster founding of the Lorix Order.

Hendrik was well liked, both by his people and members of the Council. However, in 2515 his reign took a turn for the worse when he chose to turn down a more permanent alliance with the Terran Hegemony. This would effect the flow of trade between the two nations, with the Hegemony favoring the Free Worlds League. This caused him to be a target of critics and public scrutiny.[3]

End of his Chancellorship and his Execution[edit]

Hendrik was unable to change his critics minds about his fateful decision to not join the Hegemony and its effects. He chose to resign in 2520 instead of using his political powers to silence his critics. Having no children of his own, he passed his titles and positions to his brother's son, Kalvin Liao.

Year after Hendrik stood down, the new Chancellor used his Courts of Philosophical Inquiry and the Prefect of St. Ives to charge his uncle for treason on false charges that he intended to turn over a military base to House Davion. He was executed personally by his nephew on 12 November 2521.[1]


Text in the original House Book suggests that Hendrik was Kalvin Liao's father. However, the Liao Family Tree/Succession list for House Liao, shows his father was indeed Raxal and he died in 2518, prior to his son rising to the title of Chancellor.[2]


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