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Jehan Achmeed

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Jehan Achmeed
Affiliation House Achmeed
Commander of Muskegon

Jehan Achmeed - Early Pre-Age of War politician and dictator of the Muskegon Empire, and later was a politician in the Federated Suns.

Character History[edit]

Achmeed was the last leader of the Achmeed dynasty to hold the rank of Commander of Muskegeon. He was visited by Prime Minister Lucien Davion in mid-2310s, during his tour of local worlds near his world of New Avalon. Lucien's charm and political savvy brought interest in Jehan to have his people join Crucis Pact conference where they form better nation where all could benefit from defense and trade.[1]

Achmeed considered this for year, opting not to sign the Crucis Pact in 2317. He was concerned about effect of the new nation on him and his nation. Weighting odds, in 2318 he contacted now-President Lucien Davion and petitioned to join the Federated Suns.

Unknown to him, his influence on his colony worlds were not as strong as he thought. Two of his empire's oldest colony worlds, Emerson and Beten Kaitos decided to join the Chesterton Trade Federation instead of the Suns. This triggered the collapse of the Muskegon Empire and his fall from power.

After the Federated Suns-Chesterton Trade League Conflict, he found he been could not return to power in region once controlled by the Empire, only left to rule Muskagon itself.


Descendants of Achmeed were as unfortunate as their ancestor, as they chose to side with Varnay family in what became the Davion Civil War. When the war was lost for Varnay's side, Achmeed's rule was stripped away and Muskagon government was reorganized.

Titles and Ranks[edit]

He held the title of Commander of Muskagon until 2318.

Character Notes[edit]

Achmeed's ancestry goes back to the original Captain of the JumpShip that established the ad-hoc colony. His family had very bad tendecy to effency above humanity. With glaring example of ancestor by name of Hassan Achmeed, 14th Commander of Muskageon. Where Hassan has received a baby at his home. He was outrage attempted to find child's mother. When failed to do so he had child put to death, citing he can not be take every child in to raise part his family. Using the child as example of this object lesson. Child mother came forth charging him if she had known for his heartlessness, she would never have brought her child to him. He then killed her as example as well.[2]

It was not made clear what if Jehan Achmeed was accompanied for his signing his nation to join the FedSuns. Though he retained leadership of the planet, he was named last Commander. Not new rank within the FedSun political leadership.


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