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A squadron is a standard aerospace formation common to most militaries of the Inner Sphere. The Clans, ComStar, Word of Blake, Draconis Combine, Taurian Concordat, and Marian Hegemony do not use the term in their military organization.

Faction-specific Squadron Compositions

Star League Defense Force

SLDF squadrons were composed of three flights of two fighters, for a total of six fighters to a squadron.[1] The SLDF Navy also used the term squadron to refer to Large Craft formations consisting of approximately 18 vessels.[2]

Federated Suns, Magistracy of Canopus, Outworlds Alliance

All three factions use the same squadron structure as the SLDF when referring to fighters.[3][4][5]

Capellan Confederation

In the Capellan Confederation, a squadron is instead composed of two elements (or triples), each consisting of three fighters, for a total of six fighters to a squadron.[6]

Free Worlds League & Lyran Commonwealth

Both the Free Worlds League and Lyran Commonwealth use squadrons consisting of three lances of two fighters, for a total of six fighters to a squadron.[7][8]

Free Rasalhague Republic

Rasalhague squadrons all operate in two flights of two, for a total of four fighters to a squadron.[9]

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