12th Donegal Guards

Twelfth Donegal Guards
Unit Profile (as of 3025)
Nickname Deadly Dozen (2765)[1]
The Crocodiles (3050)
Parent Formation Donegal Guards


The Twelfth Donegal Guards were stationed on Venaria in 2765.[1]

During the Fourth Succession War the Twelfth landed on Stanzach. They captured the world, but during the Draconis Combine counterattack they were hard pressed by the 9th Pesht Regulars and 13th Rasalhague Regulars. The 8th Donegal Guards reinforced the Twelfth, which kept Stanzach in Lyran hands. Shortly thereafter, the Twelfth and Eighth were reinforced by the First Tyr Regiment.[2] The Twelfth continued to fight alongside the Tyr and Eighth Guards regiments against the DCMS forces for several months, and eventually drove the Combine forces off-world.[3]

In 3046 the Twelfth was stationed on Ryde alongside the native Ryde Militia. Late in that year elements of the Twelfth engaged an unnamed training battalion of DCMS Mechwarriors.[4]

Clan Invasion[edit]

In 3050 on Trell I, Clan Jade Falcon deployed three full Clusters against the unit in an attempt to capture Victor Steiner-Davion who had been assigned to the Twelfth after his graduation from the Nagelring[5] The unit was destroyed during the brutal fighting against the elite Jade Falcon Guards and the supporting 1st and 5th Falcon Striker Clusters.[6][7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 12th Donegal Guards


Tyron Winters[1] 2763 - 2765


Steven Zaks[8] 3025

Leutnant-GeneralLeutnant General

Jeremy Hawksworth[4][9][6] 3046 to 3050


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Composition History[edit]


12th Donegal Guards (Regular/Questionable)[1]


12th Donegal Guards (Green/Reliable)[10]
CO: ColonelColonel Steven Zaks


12th Donegal Guards (Green/Reliable)[11]


12th Donegal Guards (Regular/Reliable)[9]
CO: Leutnant-GeneralLeutnant General Jeremy Hawksworth


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