88th Crimson Guards (Clan Blood Spirit)

88th Crimson Guards (Clan Blood Spirit).jpg
88th Crimson Guards
Unit Profile (as of 3084)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Iota Galaxy
Disbanded 3084


In the 3060's the Guards and Sigma Provisional Galaxy supported Alpha Galaxy against the constant raids of Clan Star Adder against York, it appears that these raids reduced it in strength to a point were one of its Clusters was disbanded.[1][2]

During 3069 several Clusters stationed on York were moved to other holdings, presumably transferred to different Galaxies on a "Shell Game" of deceit. [3] It was probably during this period that the 88th Crimson Guards were transferred to Iota Galaxy.

In late 3069 Khan Schmitt led Alpha and Iota Galaxies against the Adders on Albion quickly capturing a Chrysaor ProtoMech factory and by the end of the year had secured 40% of the planet.[4] In 3070 together with Kindraa Sainze the galaxy pushed the attack against the Adders on Albion.[5]

By 3083 the Guards and Iota Galaxy had moved to the Colleen system. Here it was bid in defence against multiple attacks by Clan Stone Lion and Clan Coyote. The fighting was disastrous for the Spirits and after a few months only two holdings on the planet of Haven remained in their control.[6] By 3084 the Guards could muster only a tenth of their warriors,and by the end of the year was wiped out.[7]


In 3059 the Commanding Officer was Star Colonel Martoc Keller.[8] By 3067 it was Jolie Boques.[9] The last commander was Stephen Pitcher in 3084.[7]


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