Blackstar Stables

Colors/Badge black and copper
Stable Profile
Experience Veteran (3067)
Rating B (3067)
Faction Affiliation House Davion
Units Used
BattleMechs 28 (3054)
13 (3067)


Blackstar Stables is a Solaris VII based BattleMech stable, which was known for its loyalty to Federated Suns, and House Davion family.


Solaris Riots of 3062[edit]

As the divided Federated Commonwealth and Lyran Commonwealth were experiencing increasing tensions during Archon-Princess Katrina Steiner-Davion's joint rule, Drew Hasek-Davion attempted to take advantage of the situation by elevating his stable's Champion Michael "Stormin" Searcy the "Champion of the Federated Suns", to be the 3063 Solaris Champion. Matches leading to Searcy's match with House Steiner comeback hopeful Victor Vandergriff were marred in violent riots, secretly stoked by Hasek-Davion. On August 15th, 3062 the Champion match between the Blackstar's champion and Lynch Stables went out of control. A failure of Steiner Stadium's detonator grid pushed the brutal match into the streets of Solaris City, triggering a city wide riot between Solaris Warriors, fighting mostly along national lines. Hasek-Davion had prepared for this and Blackstar's Michael Searcy led the most organized group in the fighting. During the initial fighting at the Stadium Blackstar MechWarrior Garrett, a former Clan Smoke Jaguar, murdered Solaris Champion Thomas Gross and stole his newly acquired Masakari OmniMech. Garrett went on a violent spree through the Kobe district of Solaris City, where went to destroy anything affiliated the destroyer of his Clan. Near end of the '62 riots Blackstar lost its champion due to his differences with Drew Hasek-Davion's methods of doing "business". After Searcy-Vangriff re-match in the ruins of Steiner Stadium, Blackstar's owner was killed at his mansion.[1]

New owner and rebuilding[edit]

The Stable was purchased by a wealthy New Avalon business man named, Nigel Daelun. Despite his lack of experience with as Stablemaster, he was able rebuild the near ruin stables into fighting stable shy of what had been prior to the riots as of 3067.[2] On 3132 the stablemaster was Jeremiah Daelun.[3]


Stablemasters and Owner[edit]

  • As of 3056, Drew Hasek-Davion was owner of Blackstar. A political insider whom attempted to use his bride's maiden name to elevate him politically until his death 3062.

Notable Personnel[edit]



  • Gordon Willner is the Senior Tech of the stable. His technology expertise is unquestioned, though his interpersonal skills are lacking.[6]

Weapons Master[edit]

  • Erin Cornsbuck is the Weapons Master of Blackstar, he served with stables during the rein of Drew Hasek-Davion. Among his duties, he acts as stable's Chief Technician, he in his later years with stables kept the rebuilt stables ahead technology to give its edge needed to survive.[7]


In 3051 20 Mechwarriors were fighting for Blackstar Stables.[8]

Known Mechwarriors[edit]

  • Michael Searcy - He was the leading champion for Blackstar, fighting up the ranks in hopes achieve his dream of becoming Solaris Champion. He became adept at appearances & showmanship that he learned from Drew Hasek-Davion. His skills as Mechwarrior was good, always trying to keep in good graces of Hasek-Davion, however by 3062 he became entangled with his web of intrigue. With help of his friend Karl Edwards, broke free of him and Blackstar to go on end the riots at cost of his own life.[9]
  • Shayne Hasseldorf[4]
  • Jason Bloch[10]

Tactics and Style[edit]

As of 3067, the Stable tactics had become undefined due to new influx of warriors joining the stable help rebuilt it. In order to cope, new Stablemaster uses his great wealth to purchase latest in weapons technology to make up difference lack of style and tactics.[11]


Game Rules[edit]

The Stable as of 3067 Veteran status with access with B Rated Equipment, they have the following abilities/special rules when using Mappack: Solaris VII's Stable Specific Rules. (Using old rules prior to Total Warfare) A Blackstar player may choose two of their most powerful Level 1 weapons and exchange it for upgraded Inner Sphere (Level 2) technology that is the corresponding version the weapon (example PPC to ER PPC). This may be done only as long this upgrade does not violate any standard construction rules. If any of remaining tonnage is available, it maybe used towards tweaking 'Mech armor, ammunition and heat sinks only. No rolls for success of this weapons swap are necessary when using Customization rule for 'Mechs in Mappack: Solaris VII sourcebook.[12]


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