Blake's Redemption

Blake's Redemption
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Vincent


A former Star League Defense Force WarShip left derelict in the Inner Sphere after the fall of the Star League, the Blake's Redemption was salvaged by the Free Worlds League and Word of Blake as a part of a reclamation programme that began in 3054. By 3057 the Vincent-class corvette had been repaired, refurbished and gifted to the Word of Blake, who had pressed her into service as the WoBS Blake's Redemption.[1]

Alongside another former SLDF vessel gifted to the Blakists, the Essex-class destroyer WoBS Deliverance, the Blake's Redemption was responsible for raids on the ComStar fleet bases at Luyten 68-28 and Ross 248 as well as neutralising ComStar's WarShip fleet during Operation ODYSSEUS, the Blakist invasion of Terra.[1]

By 3067 the Blake's Redemption was one of half a dozen WarShips publicly known to be in service with the Blakists,[2] although the Blake's Redemption was actually part of a much larger black water navy assembled in secret.

In 3070 a small Lyran Alliance relief force attempted to break Blakist blockade of Donegal; led by the Fox-class corvette LAS Ian McQuiston, the relief force was forced to withdraw by the Blake's Redemption.[3]

Serving with the Blakists through the Jihad, the Blake's Redemption was destroyed in the Circinus system in 3081 by a task force from the Principality of Regulus.[4]


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