Bug 'Mech

This article is about a loosely defined group of 'Mechs. For other uses, see Bug (disambiguation).


Bug 'Mech is an informal term used both within the BattleTech universe and among players and fans. It loosely refers to a group of BattleMechs that share one or more of the following characteristics:

  • named after an insectoid (or arachnoid) animal
  • relatively small (usually in the light weight class)
  • fast-moving and mobile
  • relatively weak individually
  • relatively cheap
  • easy to acquire and maintain, to the point of being considered an ubiquitous design

There seems to be an informal convention to give "Bug" names to 'Mechs that fulfill (most of) the latter five characteristics, and indeed many typical Bug 'Mechs do not exceed 20 tons which is the lower end of the light spectrum (with 'Mechs below 20 tons being classed as ultralight instead, such as the 15-ton FLE-14 variant of the Flea). The only notable outliers are the 55-ton Scorpion and the 70-ton Grasshopper.

Named Bug 'Mechs[edit]

At its core, the Bug 'Mech group consists of the classic 20-ton trio of scout 'Mechs, namely the Locust, Stinger, and Wasp.[1]

Other light 'Mechs frequently identified as Bug 'Mechs include the Flea (15 or 20 tons depending on the exact variant), Firefly (30 tons), Hornet (20 tons), Spider (30 tons), and Tarantula (25 tons).

'Mechs that arguably qualify as Bug 'Mechs but apparently have not explicitly been referred to as such include the light Firebee (35 tons), Mantis (30 tons), Scarabus (30 tons), and Super Wasp (25 tons), and the low-end medium-class Cicada (40 tons).

The Scorpion, a fast medium-class 55-ton design with more powerful weaponry, has been called a Bug 'Mech in at least one instance.[1]

The Grasshopper, a heavy and powerful 70-ton 'Mech, would only qualify based on its name, and is not normally considered part of the Bug 'Mech group.


  • The Insect Brigade mercenary unit was apparently named in reference to the Bug 'Mech concept, and they were noted to be particularly skilled pilots of Bug 'Mechs.
  • The Falcon refers to the Bug 'Mech concept insofar as this 'Mech was described as a dedicated "Bug Hunter".


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