Conner Rhys-Monroe

Conner Rhys-Monroe (3100 - ) was a Senator and Viscount of Markab (3135 - ), formerly a Knight of The Republic of the Sphere, Conner was the son of Gerald Monroe and Asai Rhys. Conner served for many years in the Republic Armed Forces, eventually becoming a knight. He earned the reputation of being maverick, which he continued after his father died. Senator Gerald Monroe committed suicide after being charged for committing crimes against the Republic.

Conner turned his back on the Exarch, feeling that he and overstepped his bounds. He was nominated by the Republic Senate to be the next Senator and Viscount of Markab. The Exarch dissolved the Senate in April 3135, so the nobility of the Senate went to war. Conner led military forces loyal to the Senate out of Germany.

Senator Rhys-Monroe later led a strike against Paris in June 3135 to capture the Inner Sphere’s leaders who were attending the funeral of Victor Steiner-Davion, only be rebuffed Republican forces which were lead by Countess Tara Campbell, House Davion’s Prince’s Champion Julian Davion, and Paladins.

This defeat forced him to retreat off Terra. Conner helped to conceive the alliance of Senators with the goal of fighting battles against pro-Exarch forces and trying to unify a number worlds needed to make the Alliance self-sustaining nation. He led a key battle on world of Ronel for its functional HPG Station. He was defeated again by a Republic Coalition led by Julian Davion. Conner and his Senate forces surrendered and withdrew from Ronel back to Markab.

Character Notes[edit]

Conner piloted a Rifleman RFN-8D, which he was originally issued by The Republic of Sphere and later used during Republic Civil War against the Exarch's forces.