Eric Steiner

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Eric Steiner (Born 2872 - Died 2913) was the twenty-first Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]


[edit] History

[edit] Early Life

The son of Archon Elizabeth Steiner Eric assumed control of the Commonwealth following her death without opposition.

In 2908 Eric modified the Military Services Acts in response to severe manpower shortages in the LCAF. These changes reduced the minimum age of conscription to sixteen, increased duration of service to five years and reduced exemptions. The decision was highly unpopular, particularly on farming worlds, but Eric had the support of the nobility and weathered the storm.

Five years later, Eric personally commanded the Third Royal Guards in an attempt to liberate Freedom from the Draconis Combine. Although he won a major victory, destroying the Sixth Sword of Light, Eric strayed into a minefield and the cockpit of his Zeus was destroyed, killing him instantly.

[edit] Family

Simon Borge-Steiner is described as Eric's eldest son, and in conjunction with his sister Tatyana Steiner as Eric's two grown children. It is possible therefore that Eric had one other son, who was not of age by the time of Eric's death.

[edit] Positions

Preceded by
Elizabeth Steiner
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth

Succeeded by
Tatyana Steiner

28952913Elizabeth SteinerLyran Commonwealth

[edit] References

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[edit] Bibliography