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Moore neighbouring systems
Moore neighbouring systems
System information
X:Y Coordinates 5.68 : 64.06[e]
Spectral class K5V[1]
Planets 8[1]

Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Orbital view
Orbital view
System position 3[1]
Jump point
4 days[1]
Moons 1 (Zed)[1]
Surface gravity 0.87[1]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Tainted)[1]
Equatorial temperature 35°C[1]
Surface water 86%[1]
Highest native life Fish[1]
Reference Year 3130[1]
Ruler Bella Andersekki (Governor)[1]
Darci Yarde (Planetary Legate)[1]
Capital Shizuoka[1]
Population 2,001,000,000[1]

Owner History[edit]

Planetary Info[edit]

The planetary capital was the city of Shinzoka. The city itself was located near a swampy region.[47]

Only 15% of Moore's planetary surface is land, the rest of it is covered in oceans. Due to the high water content, most of the land is swamp. Moore was settled for the large supplies of uranium, germanium, and titanium. During the Age of War, the Terran Hegemony and Draconis Combine arranged co-ownership of the world, allowing both nations to exploit the resources on the world. During the Amaris Civil War, Stephan Amaris allowed the Combine forces to garrison the world, making it a de facto Combine world. After the fall of the Star League the Combine's ownership became official. Over the next centuries the Combine jealously guarded the world, repulsing numerous attacks by the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]

Planetary History[edit]


During the Jihad the Word of Blake took control of Moore to gain access to the extensive uranium mines.[1] The attack on Moore began during the first week of April 3069,[37] and the invading mercenaries became involved in a running battle that took place in Moore's largest methane swamp. There an exploding BattleMech detonated several hidden pockets of methane gas. These explosions triggered a massive firestorm which blew across the main continent and destroyed nearly everything in its path, including the capital city.[1]

As the allied coalition created by Devlin Stone began striking against Word of Blake Protectorate worlds the combined Clan Ghost Bear and Clan Snow Raven task force which had agreed to support the coalition struck at a number of Blakist worlds on the 21st of July 3076. Moore was one of the worlds targeted by the Clan forces, along with the nearby worlds of Dyev, Kervil, Ko, Lambrecht and Sabik;[48][49] the Ghost Bears attacked Moore with Theta Galaxy, a primarily defensive Galaxy that had been moved into an offensive role due to the damage taken by the other Beta Wave forces during the attack on Ascella shortly before. Theta performed poorly during the campaign, taking heavier losses than would be expected.[50]

After beginning reconstruction efforts, Coordinator Hohiro Kurita asked Devlin Stone that the Republic of the Sphere always remember the DCMS troops who fought to protect the world. As a result, Duncan Enterprises named their first vehicle, the Giggins after Sho-sa Eric Giggins.[1]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Second Genyosha[52]



Industrial Centers[edit]

Nearby Planets[edit]

Planets within 2 jumps (60 light-years)
Closest planets first:
Planet Distance (LY) Jumps 2750 3025 3030 3040 3052 3057 3062
Lambrecht 10.18 1 TH DC LC FC FC CP CP
Kaus Media 16.30 1 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Kuzuu 17.66 1 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Ascella 18.58 1 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Kaus Australis 19.56 1 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Sabik 19.81 1 TH DC LC FC FC CP CP
Dyev 23.47 1 TH DC LC FC FC CP CP
Atria 25.23 1 TH DC LC FC FC CP CP
Nusakan 25.35 1 TH LC LC FC FC LA LA
Dromini VI 26.94 1 LC DC LC DC DC DC DC
Kessel 27.30 1 LC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Pike IV 28.99 1 TH DC DC DC DC DC DC
Imbros III 31.25 2 TH DC LC FC FC CP CP
Ko 31.46 2 TH DC LC FC FC CP CP
Alrakis 31.47 2 LC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Kaus Borealis 33.10 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Kervil 34.01 2 TH DC DC DC DC DC DC
Athenry 35.47 2 TH DC DC DC DC DC DC
Eltanin 36.78 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Lyons 38.62 2 TH LC LC FC FC LA LA
Skondia 38.79 2 LC LC DC DC DC DC DC
La Blon 38.85 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Asta 38.89 2 TH DC LC DC DC DC DC
Alya 38.92 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Konstance 41.75 2 LC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Shitara 43.33 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Styx 43.86 2 TH DC DC DC DC DC DC
Vega 44.30 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Yorii 45.44 2 TH DC LC FC FC CP CP
Telos IV 45.45 2 TH DC DC DC DC DC DC
Alkalurops 46.11 2 LC LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Komephoros 49.06 2 LC DC LC DC DC DC DC
Dieron 49.83 2 TH DC DC DC DC DC DC
Altair 50.73 2 TH DC DC DC DC DC DC
Nashira 51.72 2 TH DC DC DC DC DC DC
Deneb Algedi 52.41 2 TH DC DC DC DC DC DC
Alnasi 52.50 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Unukalhai 52.73 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Alphecca 52.98 2 LC LC DC FC FC LA LA
New Wessex 53.05 2 LC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Nirasaki 53.61 2 TH DC DC DC DC DC DC
Kimball II 55.11 2 LC DC LC DC DC DC DC
Altais 56.06 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Saffel 56.38 2 TH FS FS DC DC DC DC
Zollikofen 57.07 2 TH LC LC FC FC LA LA
Cebalrai 57.56 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Tsukude 57.69 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Marfik 57.70 2 DC DC LC FC FC LA LA
Rukbat 58.21 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Dabih 58.33 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Ryde 58.97 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Muphrid 59.53 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA


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