Gamma Galaxy (Clan Cloud Cobra)

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Gamma Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Pharaoh's Sentries
Parent Formation Clan Cloud Cobra Touman
Formed 2878


Gamma Galaxy was originally commissioned by Khan Josef Mannix as a defense force for the Clan Cloud Cobra's planets within the Pentagon Cluster. Star Colonel Samson McCloud was given this task, and within the span of six years transformed Gamma Galaxy from a fledgling unit into a veteran fighting force, in the process earning the rank of saKhan.[1]

Ever since Gamma Galaxy has retained its role of homeworld defenders, with one Cluster stationed on Babylon with the rest guarding Homer. Recently one Trinary has also been given the duty of serving on Strana Mechty as honor guard, rotating with other units every few years.[1]

The 254th also took part in conjunction with Alpha Galaxy to capture the Clan Smoke Jaguar enclave on Homer, as well as repel the advances of Clan Steel Viper, earning them high praise from Khan Din Steiner.[1]


As of 3061 to 3067 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Findlay Khatib, who took command on 12 November 3059. This was a remarkable feat, as Khatib won this honor exactly nine years since emerging from his sibko. As a cadet he gained support from Khan Steiner for his Bloodname due to his innate tactical and logistical abilities, though his abilities as a warrior are not as excellent.[1][2]


Because no Cluster has ever fought with an outside Cluster in its entire history, units from Gamma Galaxy have perfected strategies for fighting without outside help, using feints and surprise attacks to appear larger in size. Even when working in conjunction with other Galaxies towards the same goal, Gamma's Clusters still act independently.[1]

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