Gienah Automotive

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Gienah Automotive

Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Gienah
Primary Products Vehicles


Gienah Automotive is a civilian vehicle manufacturer within the Lyran Commonwealth.[1] One of their divisions, Gienah Combat Vehicles, handles all military contracts.

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: GieAut

Home Office: Molfetta, Gienah

President/CEO: Donald McNab (Circa 3025)[2], Donald McNab III (Circa 3067)[3]

Principal Divisions
Division Name: Gienah Trucks

  • Division Head: Dorothy Kristernick (circa 3025)
  • Chief Products: Trucks and special-purpose vehicles

Division Name: Gienah Cars

  • Division Head: Merril McKeough (circa 3025)
  • Chief Products: Cars and all-terrain vehicles

Division Name: Gienah Combat Vehicles

  • Division Head: Lucas Hicks (circa 3025)
  • Chief Products: Wheeled Military Vehicles


Gienah Automotive has been in business in the Lyran Commonwealth since just before the Second Succession War.[4] The company principally focuses on producing civilian ground vehicles, including specialty models used for specific tasks.

The company has been known to do business and market its wares across the border as the Free Worlds League is one of the company's major customers. In 2864, then CEO of Gienah Automotive, Duke Solia Zdenekova, was contacted by FWL's corporate owner, Earl Jarv Kefalcyk. The Earl offered a productive proposal to merge the abilities of his shipping company, DuraPaq Solutions, with Gienah's manufacturing abilities. Though the talks took until late twenty-ninth century, Gienah Automotive and DuraPaq jointly created a venture to produce a new line of cargo hauling vehicles: Land Trains.[5]

By the late thirty-first century, competition from Skye based Avanti Automotive had begun to challenge Gienah's market share.

By 3067, the corporation had three factories on Gienah, however only one-third of its sales came from the Gienah Combat Vehicles Division.[3] Its relationship to Gienah BattleMechs Ltd. is unknown.

After the Jihad Gienah launched a stock sale to allow them to re-expand back into the military market, but the sale returns didn't meet Gienah's goal, leaving the company out of the defense industry by 3085.[6]


Gienah Automotive has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Gienah:[7]
Component Type
Gienah-DuraPaq Elite Series 3 Land Train Tracked Support Vehicle - (Jointly produced since late twenty-ninth century)
Rumbler-HT Tracked Support Vehicles[8]
Bailey Armored Car Wheeled Support Vehicle[9][10]
Knox Armored Car Wheeled Support Vehicle[11]
Aesir Medium AA Vehicle[7] Wheeled Vehicles
Fusion Engine
Omni 145 Aesir[7]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Forging OTR20d Aesir[7]
Communications System
Build 1685 Tacticom Aesir[7]
Targeting-Tracking System
TRTTS Mark V AirTracker Aesir[7]
Type Sierra Aesir[7]


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