Golden Keshik (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)

Alpha Command Trinary
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Golden Keshik
Parent Formation Alpha Galaxy
Formed 3060s

The Golden Keshik is the personal unit of the Clan Wolf in Exile Khan. Due to the small size of the Wolf-in-Exile touman, there are three (not one or two, as usual) Keshiks, which also serve as command-Trinaries for the Galaxies.[citation needed]

Unit Composition[edit]

The Golden Keshik consists of two Stars of 'Mechs and one Star of Elementals.[citation needed] The Golden Keshik has been part of Clan Wolf-in-Exile's Alpha Galaxy from 3061 to present.[1]


FedCom Civil War[edit]

The Golden Keshik saw notable combat action when the Jade Falcons invaded the Lyran Alliance in 3064 during the FedCom Civil War. On August 25th of that year, the Golden Keshik, along with the 1st Wolf Legion, attacked Blue Hole. They forced the defending 7th Talon to retreat off-world.[2] On 24 November 3064, the Golden Keshik helped the 4th Wolf Guards defeat Clan Jade Falcon's Sigma Galaxy on Melissia. In 3066, the Golden Keshik invaded Tharkad along with the 4th Wolf Guards. In the fighting, they smashed the 2nd Royal Guards.[3]


Since 3079, the Golden Keshik has been on garrison at Arc-Royal.[4][5][6]


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