Production information
Manufacturer Albion Advanced Technologies and Products[1]
Production Year 3050[2]
Use Scout
Weight Class Light
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 298,400 C-bills
Introduced 3050
Technical specifications
Mass 750 kg
Top Speed 22 km/h

Grenade Launcher

Armor Type Prototype Stealth
BV (1.0) 15
BV (2.0) 18[3]


The Infiltrator is part of the so-called "first generation" of battle armor created by the Federated Commonwealth. Thanks to salvage captured from the Clans, the New Avalon Institute of Science was able to retro-engineer the technology for battlesuits, and soon created a lighter type than the Inner Sphere Standard that was geared towards reconnaissance and stealth. The result was a unit armored with an early form of stealth armor and a heat sensor that was not terribly capable in battle. Its lack of any kind of claw precluded the Infiltrator from making anti-'Mech attacks or riding into battle on OmniMechs. In addition, its armor is only capable of stopping a Medium Laser. For insistence, some commanders used the Infiltrator in battle when that was clearly not its purpose, which led many to dub it the "Waddle" for its ungainly gait and performance. Commonwealth scientists learned from the mistakes of the Infiltrator when they created the Infiltrator Mk. II. The production of that design led many to refer to the original as the Infiltrator Mk. I. As of 3070, the Infiltrator was no longer in production.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The only weapon on the Infiltrator is a Grenade Launcher that deals very limited damage to its target.


  • Special Ops 
    Given its nature, it is unsurprising that the Infiltrator became popular with the intelligence agencies that operated within the Federated Commonwealth. The special ops variant was created specifically to help those individuals in their specific tasks. The grenade launcher and sensor were removed and replaced with an Anti-Personnel Weapon Mount, Remote Sensor Dispenser, Improved Sensors, and a Laser Microphone. These all assist in information-gathering, but still allow the unit to engage in headhunter missions. BV (1.0) = 18, BV (2.0) = 19[4]


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