Jerry Jamison

Colonel Jerry Jamison was the Commanding Officer of the mercenary unit Jamison's Juggernauts in the mid 3130s. He piloted a Sagittaire Assault 'Mech which was downgraded to Succession Wars era equipment. Colonel Jamison’s unit was joined on Galatea in May 3135 by Star Captain Tal Sender’s Nova when the Steel Wolves became a mercenary group.[1] The Colonel led his unit on a mission against a civilian government in Clan Jade Falcon’s territory in the former Republic of the Sphere. Their mission was to confirm rumors of a hidden Word of Blake survivalist colony on Zebeneschamali.[2]

Character's BattleMech Notes[edit]

Jerry Jamison's Sagittaire had been originally acquired by his grandfather. When his father was a mercenary he downgraded and swapped out the machine's advanced equipment to keep down its maintenance costs. The following changes were done to the 'Mech: the BattleMech's XL Engine was swapped for a standard 285 Fusion, its double heat sinks had been swapped out for 32 standard heat sinks, and its targeting computer was removed. The 'Mech was armed with a Standard PPC in center torso, a Large Laser and two Medium Lasers are mounted in the right arm, the left arm has three Medium Lasers mounted on it. Lastly it had a rear-mounted Medium Laser on the head.[3]


Author Kevin Killiany created this custom variant of the Sagittaire.


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