Keeper of the Family Honor

The Keeper of the Family Honor, or Keeper of the House Honor, is a position first created by Omi Kurita that is responsible for maintaining the Dictum Honorium and communicating to the people of the Draconis Combine the importance of honor.

The position was established, not by any decree, but instead by the work of Omi Kurita. By maintaining the Dictum Honorium and going on speaking engagements promoting the ideals contained within, she earned the title, and carved out the position. The position has no formal authority, but commanded some degree of respect.[1]

In 2410 the Keeper was given complete control over the ivory trade by Parker Kurita and this action eventually led to the formation of the Order of Five Pillars, greatly expanding the influence of the position of Keeper of the Family Honor.[2]

Keepers of the Family Honor[edit]

Name Reign
Keepers of the Family Honor
Omi Kurita 2??? - 2375[1]
Shiragi Kurita 2375[1] - 2410[1]
Sanyu Kurita 2410 - 2459
Kozo Von Rohrs 2459 - 2470
Yama Von Rohrs 2470 - 2508
Marika Von Rohrs 2508 - 2510
Martha Kurita 2510 - 2???
Kiaria Kurita ???? - 2721[3]
Riki Kurita 2721 - 2770[3]
Florimel Kurita ???? - 3018
Constance Kurita 3??? - 3???
Emi Kurita


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