Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Zechetinu II


The FWLS Kustarachnae was the first of the second block of Zechetinu-class corvettes to be launched by the Free Worlds League between 3059[1] and 3067.[2] More than half the fleet of Zechetinus in service to the League had been secretly infiltrated by personnel loyal to the Word of Blake and promptly defected to the Blakists during the Jihad, but the Kustarachnae was one of the ships that remained in loyalist hands.[3]

In February 3079 the Kustarachnae was stationed in either the Kyrkbacken or the Suzano system and was serving in the navy of the Duchy of Oriente black water navy as the ODS Kustarachnae when the Word of Blake struck at the nearby Ohrensen system with a task force, destroying the Essex-class destroyer ODS Schrack with nuclear weapons in the process. This led to the Kustarachnae and a sister ship, the ODS Acari, being redeployed to Ohrenson along with the Fourth Fusiliers of Oriente to try and defeat the Blakist task force.[4]

The Blakist forces located in the Ohrensen system proved too strong for the Kustarachnae and the Acari to defeat; the Kustarachnae was apparently lost while trying to protect the Acari and the recently-arrived Fusiliers, while the Acari was evidently badly damaged and captured by Manei Domini forces.[4] The Acari was then used as a Trojan Horse in the Blakist attack on Oriente in March 3079, inflicting critical damage to the Thera-class FWLS Santorini before being destroyed by Duchy of Oriente forces.[4][5][6]


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