Lyran Auxiliary Corps

The Lyran Auxiliary Corps was a group of LCAF units that were seconded to the SLDF during the Reunification War. The Lyran Auxiliary Corps was led by Archon Viola Steiner-Dinesen[1], and participated in Operation MAILED FIST.

The Lyran Auxiliary Corps consisted of the following units:[2]

Though the Lyran Auxiliary Corps operated well and was effective in completing their assigned tasks, the unit wouldn't remain in the field for the entirety of the Reunification War. The Archon's son was kidnapped, and when evidence came to light implicating the Dukes of Skye and Tamar, she mounted her Warhammer and attacked the base camp of the Rangers and Tigers. The Rangers and Tigers were completely unprepared for the attack and suffered heavy losses. The Archon was also injured, and spent most of June and July 2591 in a coma. Eventually SLDF forces arrived and separated the combatants, but the damage was done. The Skye Rangers and Tamar Tigers returned to their homeworlds, and the Lyran Auxiliary Corps was dissolved.[3]


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