Trial Under Fire[edit]

What is the official status of Loren Coleman's Mechwarrior 3 novelization, Trial Under Fire? That of a game, or that of a novel? And can it affect the status of the game?Omeganian 18:04, 20 April 2010 (UTC)

These are two different sources, even if they largely cover the same story. The novel and the events depicted therein are canon; the computer as such game remains apocryphal. For each individual bit of information from either source this means that it is canonical if taken directly from the book, and (still) apocryphal if found in the game but not in the book.
Your second question is one I have wondered about myself - if the game's storyline was deliberately canonized through the novel, should that be taken to mean it is elevated to canonical status even regarding those bits of information that were not explicitly canonized? (There are actually a lot of those partly-canonized things out there: The Crescent Hawks exist in canon but their computer game backstory was not technically canonized, the Kiudo fortress was canonized but its extensive fluff was not, etc.). Of course there's the officially sanctioned comment that you can "assume" stuff from computer games to be part of the shared universe. This is as near as canon as apocrypha can get... but techically they remain apocrypha, and are not elevated to canon status on the sidelines just because lots of other items from their apocryphal source are canonized. Frabby 19:59, 20 April 2010 (UTC)