Gavin Hastings

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Gavin Hastings
Also known as "Hacker"
Died 3068[citation needed]
Affiliation Silver Dragons Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator

Gavin "Hacker" Hastings was a Solaris VII MechWarrior active in the later years of the FedCom Civil War.


A rising star in the Solaris Games, Hastings earned his fight name for his fondness for close combat. Offered a contract by Silver Dragons stable master Marcus Nevil, Hastings eagerly agreed as the move to one of the top stables on Solaris allowed him acquire his dream BattleMech - the massive and extremely expensive Berserker - fresh off the production lines of Defiance Industries of Hesperus II.[1]

"Hacker" Hastings was best remembered for his spectacular defeat of Richard "Fury" Fulton in 3066. Stalking Fulton's Juggernaut though an ever-changing series of holographic terrain in the Boreal Reaches, thanks to the impressive armor of the Berserker and Hasting's dogged determination he was eventually able to close on his Bromley Stables opponent. Footage of Hasting's graphic match ending hatchet strike would grace the opening titles of the popular MechTalk holovid series.[1] [2]

Though a humiliated Fulton pushed for a rematch against Hastings,[1] the Jihad intervened. "Hacker" Hastings would join the Solaris Home Defense League and was killed leading and assault against a Word of Blake position.[3]


As his fight name implies, Hastings specialized in close quarters combat and physical attacks.[1]


Hacker Hastings piloted a Berserker.[1] [3]


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