1991 Update Flyer

1991 Update Flyer
Product information
Type Promotional booklet/flyer
Primary writing James D. Long
Pages 8
Cover Artwork John Zeleznik
Steve Venters (back)
Publication information
Publisher FASA
First published 1991
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline ca. 3054
Series Update flyers
Preceded by 1990 Update Flyer
Followed by 1992 Update Flyer

Colloquially known as the 1991 Update Flyer, this booklet does not appear to have a proper title. It was released by FASA as a free advertisement handout to promote the BattleTech universe in 1991.

It is eight pages including the front and back cover.



  • The short story is largely an abbreviated and altered version of the novel Main Event's Chapters 10 through 12 - Rose's disabling of O'Shea, his meeting with Carstairs and Esmeralda, and the duel itself. The fact it predates the release of Main Event indicates it actually be the prototype or that the story was expanded to become the novel.