2nd Ducal Guard

2nd Ducal Guard
Unit Profile (as of 3014)
Parent Formation Ducal Guards
Disbanded 3014


The 2nd Ducal Guard was a unit of average ability [1] but fanatical in loyalty, [2] the Second Ducal Guard secured Fuentes in the opening days of the rebellion, [3] facing virtually no opposition. [1] They then took a number of defensive rotations, travelling to McKenna, [1] Bernardo and Holt in succession. [4]

In October 3014 they joined the 5th Regulan Hussars as Task force Peregrine, with the eventual goal of taking the politically important world of Marik. They secured Abadan, facing resistance only from the Dietrich's Devastators mercenary company, a lone company of 'Mechs that was quickly crushed while defending the Austin Vale Ordnance plant. Task force Peregrine was completely unprepared to face a counter-attack, however, and when the loyalist Home Guard of the Stewart Dragoons, reinforced by armor regiments, landed on-planet in a major raid, they inflicted light losses on the Guards and destroyed two companies from the Fifth Hussars. Fearing a full-scale counterattack, the Regulan commander ordered a retreat, and the Second Guard returned to Holt. [4] [5]

Task force Peregrine was pursued to Holt by the Home Guard and the mercenary Head Hunters, where the Fifth Regulan Hussars were over-run while the Second Ducal Guard took moderate losses. [4] [6] The Second Ducal Guard withdrew to Ling. [4] [6] The remainder of the Second Ducal Guard remained on Ling until May, when they were rotated to New Delos in preparation for an inevitable loyalist attack on the Duke's headquarters. Instead, they faced Wolf's Dragoons, who attacked in a berserker rage. [7][8] The Second Ducal Guard was completely destroyed. [9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Ducal Guard



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Game Notes[edit]

2nd Ducal Guard[edit]

The Second Ducal Guard are immune to the Force the Initiative special ability, and no initiative modifiers from either side may be applied in their battles. [2]


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