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Aaron Sandoval (30th c.)

This article is about the 30th century Lord of the Draconis March. For the 32nd century Lord Governor of Prefecture IV, see Aaron Sandoval (32nd c.).
Aaron Sandoval.jpg
Aaron Sandoval
Character Profile
Born 2962[1]
Died 3048[2]
Affiliation House Sandoval
Title(s) Duke of Robinson
Position Minister of the Draconis March
Profession Noble
Parents Benjamin Sandoval (father)[1]
Siblings Two older brothers
Valentine Sandoval
Spouse Jessica Danforth[1]
Children James Sandoval
David Sandoval
Talbot Sandoval
Jessica Sandoval
Katheryn Sandoval

Aaron Sandoval was a Federated Suns nobleman and Lord of the Draconis March. He began his military career as an enlisted armor commander but would later command a regiment of BattleMechs.

Duke Sandoval was characterized as politically ambitious whose loyalties lay primarily in the Draconis March and preserving it from Draconis Combine aggression.

Character Physical Description[edit]

As of 3025 Duke Sandoval yielded few of his youthful features to advanced age. Few wrinkles creased his face and his hair retained its natural brown color. Sandoval still styled his hair in a "top knot" fashion (the traditional 'do' of the Sandoval family). Early in his military career, Duke Sandoval lost both of his legs in battle. Aside from this disability, Duke Sandoval had a perfect bill of health.[1]


Early Life and Military Career[edit]

Born at Castle Sandoval on Robinson, he was the third son of Duke Benjamin Sandoval. During his childhood and early teenage years, Aaron endured his father's harsh disciplinary and overbearing moralistic ways. Aaron grew at odds with his upbringing and ran away to join the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns at the tender age of 16 under an assumed identity.[1]

In the AFFS, he trained to become a tanker and was eventually assigned to the 159th Galax Heavy Tank Regiment in 2979. Aaron's perseverance and exceptional skills in armored vehicles led to his promotion to the rank of Sergeant Major where he would command a Partisan tank.[1]

In 2982, Aaron would meet his future wife, a tank driver named Corporal Jessica Danforth, who hailed from a poor family from Broken Wheel. She had been assigned to Aaron's tank and they both fell in love. However, early regulations did not permit individuals having a relationship while serving in the same unit, so Jessica was reassigned to a different tank.[1]

Later that year, the 159th was attached to the 15th Avalon Hussars as part of an offensive mission to the world of Rio against the Capellan Confederation. During the battle Jessica's tank was threatened by a Capellan Marauder. Seeing her in mortal danger, Aaron took his tank from its hiding spot and placed it in the path of the enemy BattleMech. He fired all its weaponry in hoping to distract the 'Mech from Jessica's tank. Most of his shots missed the target, however Aaron was successful in gaining the attention of the Marauder. The 'Mech unloaded its arsenal into Aaron's tank, turning his vehicle into wreckage.[1]

Gravely wounded, losing both of his legs from the action[1], Aaron's father heard of his whereabouts and his heroic actions on Rio. He had his unconscious son and Jessica brought to Robinson to recover. When Aaron awoke from his coma, he learned that his father had been searching for him for two years. He soon discovered that his older brother had died in a DropShip accident and that he was now the heir to the Dukedom of Robinson. His father had accidentally discovered what had happened to him after seeing a new vid of his actions with the 159th Galax.[1]

Family life and reign as Duke[edit]

On Robinson, Aaron and Jessica were soon married and had a loving and fruitful marriage together before her death in 3001, with three sons and a daughter born to them. Aaron became Duke shortly after the birth of his eldest son, James.

After becoming Duke, he rejoined the AFFS, attended the Battle Academy of Robinson to become a officer. After graduating with honors, his acceptable skills and abilities allow him to rise to command a regiment, First Robinson Rangers[3], which he retained command as of 3025.

As a politician, Duke Aaron kept keen eye on protecting the interests of the Draconis March. He became a firm supporter of FedCom Accords signed in 3022 as he felt the alliance with House Steiner against their mutual enemy, the Draconis Combine, would benefit his region greatly. However, when the AFFS' focus against the Capellan Confederation during the Fourth Succession War led to the loss of Draconis March worlds to House Kurita, Aaron nearly started another war with the Combine. Choosing instead to utilize politics to achieve his goals, Aaron retired from the post of Minister of Draconis March either in 3034[4] or 3037[2], arranging for his eldest son James to replace him as Duke.

Aaron was also responsible for promoting the creation in 3032 of Regional Finishing Schools in the Federation for the uneducated people, replacing the earlier and expensive mobile DropShip based Vagabond Schools. One of the first of these civilian institutions would be established on his capital world of Robinson.[5]

In retirement on New Avalon Aaron relentlessly campaigned for a war to end the Draconis Combine as a threat once and for all, reminding Hanse Davion of his coronation oath to reclaim Suns worlds lost to the Combine. He also bolstered his arguments with intelligence about the Combine's rearmament, arguing that the Dragon should be attacked while it was still weak. Aaron saw his efforts come to fruition when the newly forged Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth finally launched an all-out invasion of the Combine in 3039.[4]

Aaron Sandoval died of old age in 3048 and his title of Duke of Robinson would finally pass to James that year.[2]


  • The character profile in House Davion (The Federated Suns) states that Aaron had four children: James, David, Talbot, and Jessica, but lates sources would add a second daughter, Katheryn[1]. Given that Aaron's wife died in 3001 and at the time of the profile he was of the advanced age of 63 it is unlikely that Katheryn was fathered after the profile was written.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Benjamin Sandoval
Field Marshal & Minister of Draconis March

Succeeded by
James Sandoval


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