Alley MacLanahan

Alley MacLanahan
Also known as "Vixen of the Reach"
Died 10 November 3071
Affiliation White Hand Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator


Alley MacLanahan was a fighter in Solaris VII during the Civil War and the Jihad.

Alley MacLanahan slighted Elizabeth Damphousse during an altercation at a Solaris City nightspot.

A grudge match was scheduled between them in Boreal Reach, set for its "Rolling Dunes", in 3066.

Damphousse, piloting a sixty-ton Dragon, fought MacLanahan in her Vindicator. The match lasted for sixty seconds, as MacLanahan accepted the damage from the Dragon's long-range guns to close to nearly knife-fighting range and gut the Dragon's cockpit with her ER PPC, killing her immediately.

The windfall MacLanahan won enabled her to keep fighting before signing a contract, ironically enough, with White Hand Stables the night before the Blakist assault (9 June 3068).

After that, she ended fighting for the SHDL.

SBC confirmed her death in November 3071, informing that Word of Blake salvage teams found her in the cockpit of her disabled Vindicator outside the northern approaches to Solaris VII.

According to rumors, MacLanahan was killed after dueling with a pair of Word of Blake 'Mechs (one of them a forty-five ton stealth Phoenix Hawk which she downed) while trying to defend a relief column taking supplies to the beleaguered Solaris Home Defense League fighters outside the city proper.

According to SBC's source, she survived her 'Mech duel but was injured and bled to death in her cockpit before she could reach medical care.[1]




She piloted a Vindicator.[1]


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