Alliance Mining and Geology

Alliance Mining and Geology
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: Sevon
Leadership: CEO
Products: Armor
Raw Materials

Alliance Mining and Geology is a mining company located on Sevon in the Outworlds Alliance. It also produces armor for export to other worlds within the Alliance.


Making up a sizeable portion of Sevon's economic base, Alliance Mining and Geology conducts ore and mineral extraction while also producing several forms of 'Mech and vehicle armor, which it exports to other military manufacturers within the Alliance. Given that the rest of the planet's economy is primarily made up of farmers and ranchers, the company has experienced little if any competition that would threaten its business. Additionally, because of the population's preference of using only simple technologies, the company is perhaps one of the most technologically advanced organizations on the planet. Apparently, this has not caused any problems with the populace as the company's operations have remained relatively simple and remote.[1]

Along with Alliance Motors, these two companies represent the height of Sevon's technological standards in the civil sector. The difference between the two companies in terms of industry is what spares them from competitive concerns while their respect for the population's low-tech preferences protects each of them from public fallout. It is likely that both companies have developed an understanding between each other in regard to resourcing and technology. It is also quite probable that Alliance Mining has a business arrangement to provide materials to Alliance Motors that that are in-turn used to produce industrial equipment, such as the Rock Hound ProspectorMech.

Since the integration of Sevon into the Raven Alliance in 3085, Alliance Mining and Geology has continued to supply raw material to its local economy as well as armor for its interstellar protectors, albeit under the flag of their newly formed government.[2]


Alliance Mining and Geology has manufacturing centers on the following planet:


Components produced on Sevon:[3]
Component Type
StarGlo Aeolis Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft[citation needed]
StarSlab/1 Locust, Stinger & Wasp[3]/Shipped to Alpheratz for Wasp & Ramora for Seydlitz & Protector[citation needed]
StarSlab/5.5 Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles) - Shipped to Mitchella for Hunter[3] & Ramora for Slayer[citation needed]
StarSlab/6 Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles) - Shipped to Mitchella for Vedette[3]
Wakazashi KX4 FA Armor - FA - Aerospace Fighters[citation needed]
StarSlab-1 Ferro-Fibrous ferro-fibrous armor[citation needed]


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