Alpha Galaxy (Clan Burrock)

Clan Burrock.png
Alpha Galaxy
Disbanded Yes
Affiliation Clan Burrock
Parent Command Clan Burrock touman


In 2953 Alpha Galaxy conducted a joint operation with Clan Cloud Cobra's Beta Galaxy with the aim of wiping out the Dark Caste in the Kerensky Cluster.[1]

Around 3044 Alpha Galaxy was ordered to assault the Coyote enclave on Albion by Khan Kadena Harper. Alpha overwhelmed the Coyotes' unsupported Rho Galaxy, which was forced to withdraw.[2]

Alpha Galaxy was one of the four Burrock Galaxies assembled on Albion at the start of the Absorption.[3] Albion saw the start of the conflict and the fighting was brutal as Clan Star Adder landed three Galaxies in an attempt to decapitate the Burrock leadership. Within two days this plan had worked, leaving the highest-ranking Burrock officer a Star Colonel offering himself in a proxy fight to end the bloodshed. It was at this point that Clan Blood Spirit landed three of their own Galaxies on the planet in an attempt to destroy the Burrocks completely. Enraged by this interference the Adders attacked the Spirits alongside the remaining Burrock warriors in a devastating battle that lasted five days and saw only two Clusters of Blood Spirits survive to retreat off planet. The Trial of Absorption was completed after the Spirit retreat and the remaining warriors of Alpha were taken as bondsmen.[4]

The Galaxy was disbanded after the Burrock Absorption.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Alpha Galaxy

Other Officers[edit]


Different per Unit.




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