Beta Galaxy (Clan Cloud Cobra)

Beta Galaxy
Formed 2859
Nickname Scourge of the Pentagon
Affiliation Clan Cloud Cobra
Parent Command Clan Cloud Cobra touman


Beta Galaxy was raised in 2859 due to Clan Cloud Cobra's expanding possessions, doubling in size from six to twelve Binaries within two decades. Overshadowed by Alpha Galaxy, Beta's accomplishments are lessened by the fact that its two most successful operations were against relatively weak opponents.[1]

In 2911 the Fifth Cobra Fang Cluster was transferred to Delta Galaxy.[2]

The first was in conjunction with Clan Burrock's Alpha Galaxy in 2953 to destroy Burrock defectors who had joined the Dark Caste. The second in 2977 was the conquest of the Tanite Worlds.[1]

Ever since, Beta Galaxy has been rotating between the Pentagon Worlds and Tanite Worlds on five-year assignments. The unit has had little chance to win glory when performing crowd control and anti-terrorism duties, though recently the Galaxy has been in poor shape to do so. The controversial appointment of a new Commanding Officer, along with disagreements between the Galaxy's mix of Warden and Crusader Cloisters, has resulted in near-open feuding between the Galaxy's three Clusters.[1] For this reason many outsiders deem the Galaxy combat ineffective, incapable of fighting against even bandits.[3]

During the Babylon Diet, Beta Galaxy faced off against Clan Coyote forces and successfully drove them from the world. They then rotated to the Tanis system in 3065.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Beta Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Hastead Jamal 3061[1]
Galaxy Commander Yishai Hobbes 3061[1]
Galaxy Commander Wainani N'Buta 3067[5]


Because of recent troubles, there is very little cohesion between Beta Galaxy's units, though they are still capable of fighting on their own.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Beta Galaxy


Beta Galaxy[1][5]


Game Rules[edit]

Because of their underestimated combat capabilities, in CBT play Beta Galaxy make elect to give up Initiative after winning the role, only to seize it later. The player controlling Beta Galaxy may only "bank" two such Initiatives at any time.[3]


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