Amanda Cameron

Amanda Cameron
Born February 2766[1]
Died 27 December 2766
Affiliation House Cameron
Parents Richard Cameron II (father)
Elise Graham (mother)[1]
Siblings Ian Cameron (Twin)[2]

Amanda Cameron (b. February 2766 - d. 27 December 2766) was the daughter of First Lord Richard Cameron II and Elise Cameron.[1]


Nothing is known about the daughter of Richard Cameron and Elise Cameron. Star League conspiracy theorists say she had a twin brother named Ian Cameron and they survived the throne room massacre to be taken away to restart the Star League somewhere in the deep periphery.

Conspiracy, The Journal of Hanni Schmitt[edit]

In 3067, several pieces of information were provided to Sandra Raines of the Interstellar News Network from an unnamed source, but presumed to be Tempest Stryker, the deep-cover agent known as Damocles during the Word of Blake Jihad. These included a number of excerpts purportedly taken from Hanni Schmitt's journal after her death. According to the diary pages, events surrounding the death of the last member of House Cameron to hold the title of First Lord, Richard Cameron, differed from those commonly believed to be true; the major differences highlighted through the diary pages were apparent confirmation that Richard and his wife Elise had twin children, not the single child reported elsewhere, and that those two children - Amanda and Ian Richard - escaped the massacre of the Cameron bloodline in the Unity Palace throne room at the hands of Stefan Amaris as a result of the actions of Schmitt and a small number of other loyal officers. Those officers arranged for Major Ian MacIntosh of the Black Watch and his BattleMech lance to swap Amanda and Ian Richard for another unnamed child and escape from Terra during Amaris' coup aboard the Colossus-class DropShip SLS Abyss while the remainder of the Black Watch distracted the Fourth Amaris Dragoons with a last stand on the Gorst Flats. The Abyss purportedly escaped thanks to covering fire from the Reagan SDS installed on Terra to rendezvous with a waiting WarShip on the dark side of Luna; that WarShip, the SLS Tripitz, then transported the Abyss and its cargo out of the Sol system.[2] This accounting completely contradicts the "official" historical record in many respects, and is somewhat discredited by the fact that many of the other claims within this series of reports were later conclusively disproved.


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