Andrea Stirling

Andrea Stirling
Also known as "Cat"
Born 3016[1]
Affiliation Northwind Highlanders,
Republic of the Sphere
Rank Colonel,
Paladin of the Republic
Profession MechWarrior
Children At least one child

Andrea "Cat" Stirling (born 3016[1]) was an officer with the Northwind Highlanders and one of the founding Paladins of the Republic of the Sphere.


Early career[edit]

In 3025, Stirling was serving as the Commanding Major of 2nd Kearny Highlanders, 1st Battalion.[2]

Stirling's Fusiliers[edit]

In 3050, Stirling would take over command of McCormack's Fusiliers, renaming them "Stirling's Fusiliers".[3]

Paladin Exemplar[edit]

Stirling was one of the original seventeen Paladins of the Republic.[4]

Family and Children[edit]

The Stirling family had long been associated with the Northwind Highlanders and Andrea was continuing the family tradition by becoming a MechWarrior.

Her granddaughter, Maeve, would become a Knight of the Republic.[5]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Henry McCormack
Colonel of Stirling's Fusiliers
3050 - 3067

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Paladin of the Republic
3081 – 3???

Succeeded by


Sterling was listed as being born in 3016 in the Northwind Highlanders scenario pack but in the novel Impetus of War Andrea was described as being 20 years older than Loren Jaffray who was 33 at the time of the events of the novel, (i.e. in 3058) placing her birth in 3005, this article assumes that 3016 is correct.[6]


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