Andurien Rangers

Andurien Rangers
Andurien Rangers
Affiliation Duchy of Andurien
Parent Command Andurien Defense Force
Sub-Command(s) 1st Andurien Rangers
2nd Andurien Rangers
3rd Andurien Rangers
4th Andurien Rangers
5th Andurien Rangers
7th Andurien Rangers

With the collapse of the Free Worlds League during the Blakist Jihad, the Duchy of Andurien formed their own new provincial force, the Andurien Rangers, around defecting units from the Free Worlds Legionnaires.[1] The first three Andurien Ranger regiments were formed around these former Free Worlds League commands.[2]


In the wake of the Jihad the Andurien Rangers were primarily a defensive organization; with the government of the Duchy of Andurien trying to build positive relationships with neighboring states through economic and political cooperation, the main purpose of the Rangers was to dissuade aggression from those same neighbors. Tested several times by 3081, the Rangers proved to be tenacious defenders with a considerable bite when attacked, but as at 3081 the brigade lacked sufficient support and numbers to go on the offensive.[3] The Andurien Rangers were formed with a great deal of conventional unit support. They also made use of RetroTech designs from Lopez.[2] This organization and equipment was well-suited to the Ranger's defensive role.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Andurien Rangers
Major General Tracey Fenton mid-3081[3]



The BattleMech element of the Rangers was rebuilding from the effects of the Jihad more slowly than the AeroSpace arm, which prompted the Rangers CO, Major General Tracey Fenton to reorganize the regiments to reflect the greater proportion of conventional regiments now present in each unit.[3]

The biggest change was the expansion of each regiment to a strength of four battalions, rather than the standard three. Of those four battalions, one was intended to be a purely-BattleMech equipped force. The remaining three battalions were combined-arms units at a company level; each company of three lances was formed from one BattleMech lance, one vehicle lance, and one infantry lance. The infantry lance was intended to be equipped with battle armor, but as the Duchy lacked native production lines for battle armor, many of the units weren't equipped as such. Those units that could muster battle armor were usually equipped with imported Longinus and Theseus battlesuits.[3]

While the ground forces within the Rangers were having trouble rebuilding, no such problems were experienced by the Rangers AeroSpace arm; the production lines within Andurien was able to rapidly equip it's forces with state of the art AeroSpace Fighters.

In 3085 the formation of the Fifth Rangers and the creation of the First Andurien Guards prevented the rest of the Andurien Rangers from expanding to the planned seventy-two BattleMechs. The First through Fourth Rangers therefore only fielded a battalion's worth of BattleMechs.[4]

Elements of the Andurien Rangers raided the Capellan Confederation world of Altorra. They faced a Home Guard battalion of heavy armor outside a city named Tepali. They took some losses from airstrikes by conventional aircraft, but were able to lay siege to the city. The Rangers only withdrew when the CCAF sent reinforcements to Altorra.[5]


The Andurien Rangers were organized into three battalions of troops. Each battalion consisted of an armor company, BattleMech company, and an infantry company. As a result, the Rangers are more familiar with combined arms tactics than the other two Andurien brigades.[6]


Different per Unit.

Units of the Andurien Rangers[edit]

Colors and Unit Insignia[edit]

As a part of asserting the independence of the Duchy of Andurien from the constraints of the Free Worlds League, Duchess Dalma Humphreys restored the colors and insignia of Andurien. This put Rangers personnel back into white and buff uniforms, a change the Rangers wore with pride.[3]

When it comes to Mechs, all Rangers regiments dropped the purple highlights from their paint scheme, now simply using white with green accents on the arms and legs.[8]


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