Angeline Mattlov

Angeline Mattlov
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Profession Galaxy Commander

Angeline Mattlov was a Clan Jade Falcon, the galaxy commander of Peregrine Galaxies.


Early Life[edit]

She earned the rank of Star Commander in her initial Trial of Position. Promotions arrived quickly: her Mech' natural skills and leadership qualities prompted her commanders to make her first Star captain, later tar Colonel. To win her Bloodname, defeated Star Colonel David, which face was burned due a leak of his reactor, leaving him a hideous scar.

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

By then, Angeline was the youngest Galaxy Commander of his clan, but, but the fortune ceased to favore her. Peregrine Galaxy performed with distinction in the Operation Revival. After the battle of Tukayyid, she was considered old by Clan standars. Though well into her sixties, still has the skill and speed of a younger warrior. Then she appears to regain its former preeminence in Clan Jade Falcon... but then, inexplicably, Khan Chistu stripped away many of the Galaxy's clusters. [1]


At the start of the Refusal War they were stationed on Quarrel and preparing for an invasion of the Free Rasalhague Republic.[2] With Natasha Kerensky and Ulric Kerensky dead, Phelan Ward was the last Wolf leader, so the Falcons attempted to chase Phelan Ward, but Phelan's Wolves fleed to Lyran space. Omicron and Peregrine Galaxies were dispatched to Morges[3]. On Morges the Wolves regrouped with the Kell Hounds, however hot on their heels were the Jade Falcons.[4] Both galaxies, under Mattlov's command, arrived in the system on 5 December hoping to wipe out the last functioning remnants of Clan Wolf. They brought news with them of the death of both Natasha and Ulric, but rather than demoralize the Wolves it only inspired them to honor their memory. On 13 December the Jade Falcons made planet-fall with their entire force and the battle would rage across the snowy planet until 25 December, when the last Jade Falcon unit was destroyed and the Refusal War ended.[5] Vau Galaxy was destroyed in the Refusal War.[6]


During the battle of Morges she piloted a Dire Wolf.


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