Anti-Battle Armor Pod

First developed by Clan Wolf-in-Exile in 3068[1], the Anti-Battle Armor Pod or B-Pod functions like an Anti-Personnel Pod except that it is designed to blast through the armor of battle suits. It does this by using explosive bomblets instead of shrapnel. B-Pods are being produced by both the Clans and Inner Sphere forces.

Unlike A-Pods, a B-Pod can be mounted on any 'Mech location.[2]


The B-Pod is manufactured on the following planets:[3]

Brand Planet Company
Defiance Razorback [4] Furillo Defiance Industries
Federated Mantrap[5] Unknown Federated Industries
Unknown Irian Irian Technologies
Unknown Terra Skobel MechWorks


Game Rules[edit]

B-Pods weigh 1 ton and take up 1 critical slot.[6] They have a Battle Value of 2.[7] They can be fired at any time, even if the unit is shut down, as long as the crew is awake.[8] When fired, B-Pods automatically hit battle armor with 20 points of damage. This is divided into 5 point groups. Conventional infantry take 1D6 points of damage. If destroyed in a critical hit, an unused B-Pod inflicts 2 points of damage on the mounting unit; a used B-Pod's framework is destroyed per the rules for an empty ammo bin.[9]


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