Av Weaver

Av Weaver
AffiliationClan Smoke Jaguar
RankStar Captain

Av Weaver was a trueborn member of Clan Smoke Jaguar, and later one of the founding members of the Fidelis.


Av Weaver reached the rank of Star Captain and won a Weaver (Bloodname). However, his long career did not impress, as, after reaching old age, he was assigned to command a mere Binary of the Forty-seventh Garrison Cluster; and was assigned to Wayside V before 3054.[1] Because Wayside V lacked an HPG station, he and his garrison ignored his Clan's de facto annihilation during Operation BULLDOG. They didn't find out about the Inner Sphere offensive until 12 August 3061, when a small fleet arrived in system. Under his command was the former Jaguar Paul Moon and Baldur. After seven years without contact, he and his people were devastated by the news of the Jaguars' annihilation, and scandalized to know than the newly arrived warriors did not want to restore their Clan, but instead preserve its "essence." Weaver's subordinates Star Commander McLean Hoyt and Reed Bowen, made note of the difficulties such an endeavor would encounter. Lacking alternatives, Av welcomed Moon and his people and agreed to try.[2]

The opportunity to fight again would present itself within a few months: on 25 May 3062, Clan Goliath Scorpion forces arrived in system, led by Galaxy commander Rik Myers, a man obsessed with absorbing what remained of the Jaguars. A battle plan was drawn, and it required a delaying action. As Weaver and his Binary weren't settling well in the ex-Jaguar colony, they were chosen to fight in what amounted to little more than a suicide battle. Baldur was put in command of the Binary. Naturally, Av was enraged and asked for a Trial of Grievance, but Baldur convinced him to stand down. Moved by his words, Weaver submitted to Baldur's authority. The Battle of the Straits, on 2 June, was fought in a narrow part Strait. During the battle, Weaver was so impressed by Baldur's courage than he proclaimed Baldur was never a Nova Cat, but in truth, forever a Smoke Jaguar.[3]

The battle was a victory, but a costly one: only Weaver and two of his former Jaguar warriors survived. Paul Moon later claimed than he had cheated death with a tenacity comparable to Baldur's, though the later died in a hospital.

There are no more references to Weaver, but he must have become one of the founders of the Fidelis.[4]

Physical Description[edit]

Av was described as a man with streaks of gray hair, a wrinkled face, and sullen eyes.[5]


Weaver's 'Mech was a Conjurer.[6]


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