Benjamin Regulars

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Benjamin Regulars
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command DCMS

While the Benjamin Military District is one of the smallest, the DCMS High Command uses the Benjamin Regulars as a ready-reserve to bolster both defensive and offensive operations.


During the Succession Wars the Benjamin Regulars were frequently used as a strategic reserve to supplement the other Districts. As a result of this and deployment in their own district, the Benjamin Regulars were highly skilled on both attack and defense.[1]

During the Jihad the Benjamin Regulars as a whole were seriously wounded. In fact only the 2nd and 17th Regulars survived the Jihad. After losing many warriors and machines to attacks from the Word of Blake and the Federated Suns, as of 3079 the Benjamin Regulars are not expected to be ready for combat operations for at least a decade. These rebuilding efforts are further hindered by the fact that most of their replacement units consist of armor and infantry forces.[2]

The loss of the Dieron Military District to the Republic of the Sphere meant that the Benjamin Regulars were called upon to do more front-line defensive work. These efforts were hampered however by the betrayal of the Sixth Benjamin Regulars during the Jihad. To prevent further collaboration with the Black Dragon Society, the Second and Seventeenth Benjamin Regulars were stationed as far away from each other as possible, while the new Forty-third Regulars were stationed on Benjamin under the watchful eye of the ISF.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Benjamin Regulars


Different per Unit.

Benjamin Regulars Details[edit]

The Benjamin District has the smallest borders, but despite being a relatively small area to defend, in 3025 the Benjamin District had a surprisingly high number of regiments.

By 3025 only seven regiments remain in the Benjamin Regulars, and while they were expected to defend the borders with the Commonwealth and the Federated Suns, they also had other functions:

  • To form a reserve upon which the Draconis Combine High Command could draw to fill out offensive strategies.
  • To serve as a vital second line of defense should any neighboring enemy manage to penetrate another district and fight its way into the Draconis Combine interior.

The Benjamin Regulars are the easiest District Unit to join, having few requirements and with political correctness not considered of vital importance in the district. What the Benjamin Regulars expect is a willingness to adapt. Though it might sound simple, because the units from the Benjamin Regulars are expected to be familiar with all the worlds in the Benjamin District and with all pertinent information regarding missions outside the district, the ability to learn quickly was the major requirement for a MechWarrior in the Benjamin Regulars.

Though the relation between the Benjamin Regulars and the Procurement Department was considered adequate in 3025, the common belief among the lower ranks of the military was that the Benjamin Regulars did less than the other District Forces, and the Procurement Department tended to feel that whatever the Benjamin Regulars might need could wait awhile. This attitude could cause supply shipments to be months overdue, and often the units had to call upon the High Command itself to grease the wheels of the Procurement Department. Because of this, the 'Mechs and fighters of the Benjamin Regulars suffer because of the sluggish supply system. Although few 'Mechs are pulled from duty because they lack parts, most are missing at least one part or system, and the Techs are constantly surly because of the lack of parts.

The Benjamin Regulars do not have a preferred 'Mech color. During parades, however, the ‘Mechs are painted white with brown striping.[4]

Units of the Benjamin Regulars[edit]

Because the District forces have many conventional commands most of the BattleMech regiments have only temporary support assets. But that thinking has changed in time, now a few Commanding Officers include some smaller conventional assets to their 'Mech units permanently.[5]


  • The 1st Regulars[6]
  • The 2nd Regulars[6]
  • The 3rd Regulars[6] was destroyed in 3065.
  • The 5th Regulars[6] surrendered to the Davion Heavy Guards in 2729.
  • The 6th Regulars[6] was disbanded in 3075 for their part in the Luthien Coup of 3067.
  • The 9th Regulars[6] was destroyed 3062.[8]
  • The 11th Regulars[6] was destroyed.
  • The 15th Regulars[6] was disbanded in 3073.
  • The 21st Regulars was destroyed in 3052.
  • The 22nd Regulars was destroyed in 3062)[8]
  • The 43rd Regulars was newly build after the Jihad.
  • The 44th Regulars raided Mannedorf in 3124.[9]
  • The 45th Regulars was active durng the Dark Age era.

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]

Game Rules[edit]

Reunification War[edit]

  • The Benjamin Regulars receive a +1 bonus to morale checks.[10]
  • The Benjamin Regulars receive a +1 bonus to Initiative if they are outnumbered by 2-to-1 or greater at any point in a battle.[10]
  • The Benjamin Regulars receive a -2 penalty to any roll made to determine availability of supplies, advanced equipment or replacements.[10]


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