Dictum Honorium

Maintained by the Order of the Five Pillars, the Dictum Honorium is the elaborate code of conduct that informs the social mores, rules of etiquette and philosophies of all aspects of the culture of the Draconis Combine.


A massive tome, originally penned by Keeper of the Family Honor Omi Kurita the Dictum Honorium spells out in fine detail the code of conduct for all citizens of the Draconis Combine.[1] Several passages, such as the special rules allowing the taking (instead of summary execution) of prisoners of war valuable to military intelligence and ransom are kept secret from the public.[2]


Original Publication[edit]

The first version of the Dictum was penned by Omi Kurita in response to her sister, Shada's death. With input from both Shiro and Urizen Kurita the first edition was released less than four months after her sister's death[3] in 2334.[4]

First Revision[edit]

The first revision was penned by Shiragi Kurita in 2397 in response to the assassination of Werner Von Rohrs by Robert Kurita. This new edition added new emphasis in the need for discretion in personal relationships with outsiders.[3]

Second Revision[edit]

The second revision was penned by Sanyu Kurita in 2413 in response to the death of her brother, and the exile of her niece and nephew by their father Parker Kurita. This edition was highly critical of the events that had just unfolded, and brought Sanyu scorn from critics.[5]

Third Revision[edit]

The third revision was released in 2422 by Sanyu after Nihongi Von Rohrs sold her sister Lenore Kurita into slavery. This resulted in threats of imprisonment and slavery for her, which kept her from releasing any more revisions critical of the Coordinator's position.[5]

Fourth Revision[edit]

Marika Von Rohrs released a revision in 2509 following the imprisonment of Yama Von Rohrs by Krüger Von Rohrs.[6]

Fifth Revision[edit]

The fifth revision was released in 2511 shortly after Martha Kurita took the position of Keeper.[6]

Eleventh Revision[edit]

This was the current revision of the Dictum as of 3025 comprised of six volumes.[1][7]


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