Ellen Davion

Ellen Davion
Ellen Davion
Character Profile
Born 2435
Died 2510
Affiliation House Davion
Title(s) First Prince
Profession Noble
Parents Simon Davion (father)
Elizabeth Caldwell (mother)
Siblings James Davion
Roger Davion

Ellen Davion was the Eleventh First Prince of the Federated Suns.[1][2]


Early Years and Her family's Assassination[edit]

The daughter of Simon Davion and Elizabeth Caldwell, Ellen grew up in the shadows of her father and brothers. She would try to keep out of the public spotlight, where she acted as an aide to the Draconis March during the reign of her brother James.[3]

Her brother led a double life. While being a great leader, his personal life would taint him and earn him the nickname of the Dark Prince. Her life would change abruptly when Prince James was assassinated by the enemies he had gained during his reign, which left her crippled while almost her entire family was left dead.[4]

The Political Battle for Control of the Federated Suns[edit]

With her family dead, her other brother's unborn son being the only other heir, Ellen chose to fight to keep her family position in control of the Federated Suns.

Richard Varnay, Chancellor of New Avalon and Constable of the Crucis March, became Ellen's political rival as she argued her case to the High Council. She would need to overcome the Varnays' slander against her, with her lack of military and political experience. Being labeled the "Lady of the Wheelchair". She needed to overcome the Council's conservative leaning. Initially, the council wished to name her late brother Roger's unborn child as heir, while trying to decide who should be part of a regency rule while they waited for the future Prince William to come of age. The ambitious Prince Richard Varnay lobbied hard to be named First Prince and was aggressive to trying to gain the throne. However, his slander would work against him in council's eyes. The High Council would have nagging fears of Varnay sparking a civil war.

"You say I am a cripple, unable to walk. I say one does not govern a realm from one’s feet. You say I am a woman. I say I am of the same stock as Marie Davion, whom you all claim to revere. You say I am untrained. But who among you, other than those already holding a Princely title. is trained for this position? My Lords of the Council, I am the sister of James Davion, but I have never been accused of uncontrolled lust. I am the daughter of Simon Davion, but I have never been accused of murder. I will be the aunt of a new Davion heir, one with the training and the legitimacy you claim that I lack. Let me show you that I can fulfill the needs of this high office."
  — Ellen Davion, from a speech to the High Council in 2467[5]

After battling Varnay in various political arenas, she successfully lobbied the High Council to promote her to First Prince, with provisions that Roger Davion's child would be designated Heir-Apparent.[6][7]

Rule as First Prince of the Federated Suns[edit]

Ellen's ascendance to the throne would prove to be a boon for the Federated Suns. After a string of bad rulers and tyrants, her rulership would return respectability to throne in view of the citizenry. Despite lack of political skills, her integrity and common sense would help her in her rulership.

During the first five years of her rule, she would remove Richard Varnay from Chancellor and Constable and promote him as political move to Prince of the Capellan March. In doing so, this would allow her government to keep an eye on her political rival, but also set the scene for trouble in the generations to come.

One example of her poor relationship with Richard Varnay was the introduction of the Wolverine in 2471. The 'Mech was produced on Marduk, shutting out several Varnay-supported businesses.[8]

The crowning achievement of her reign was the Act of Succession of 2473. Approved by High Council of House Davion, this would give the Davion family permanent tenure over the Crucis March and the entire Federated Suns.

Her reign lasted thirty years until her retirement in 2502, when she would turn over reins of the nation to her 32-year-old nephew, William. Before doing so, she would dispatch him on a tour of the realm in 2500 where he would get feel of the nation. On his return in 2502, Ellen turned over rulership to him in a small ceremony.[9]

Last Years and Legacy[edit]

After her retirement, she would live until 2510 to the age of 85. She would be historically remembered as "Ellen the Good", having ushered a golden age during her reign and help guide her nephew to rule the Federated Suns. Her reign would also foster the people's loyalty and support to Davion family as the rulers of the nation. Her appointment of Richard Varnay to Prince of the Capellan March would lay the foundation of the Davion Civil War[10]


He is a man of sound character, honest and trained to serve the people. You have heard of his good work in a dozen embassies and missions on my behalf. When I promised this august body that he would be my heir, no one knew what kind of man we had chosen. By the grace of God, we could not have chosen better.
  — Ellen Davion, from a speech to the High Council, 2502[11]


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