Glory Warriors

Glory Warriors
The Glory Warriors
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
CO Major Kent Clark
Formed Post-3030
Disbanded 3050
JumpShips Unknown
DropShips Unknown
Aerospace Unknown
Armor Yes
Infantry Yes

The Glory Warriors were among the first mercenary units to be destroyed during the initial Clan Invasion.


Formed from the remnants of five small mercenary units shattered during the Fourth Succession War, the survivors found some commonality in their misfortune after they arrived on Galatea and chose to call themselves the Glory Warriors. Despite their aspirational name, the unit's first decade of existence was one of short-term, low-pay contracts within the Periphery that left the Warriors on the verge of bankruptcy.[1]

The Glory Warriors' fortunes would change dramatically after they accepted a contract with Earthwerks Incorporated to provide corporate security of the company's facilities on Victoria. During a mundane escort mission accompanying a convoy from Earthwerks' factory to the planet's spaceport, a group of raiders arrived in-system to try and capture it from the Warriors. The unidentified raider's took the bold and ultimately disastrous step of attempting to land their Union-class DropShip at the spaceport to disgorge their BattleMechs and capture the shipment at its destination. The Glory Warriors' CO Kent Clark charged the unit's command lance ahead of the convoy and targeted the DropShip on its final descent, damaging its engines and causing it to crash from a height of around 30 meters. While the 'Mechs within were relatively intact, the vessel itself suffered extensive damage, with its crew and the raiders all killed by the impact. The Glory Warriors' salvage clause allowed the unit to pay off their debts and even add a third 'Mech company.[1]

The newly expanded and debt free Warriors spent the next decade serving numerous garrison contracts. After the Free Rasalhague Republic began seeking experienced mercenary units for garrison and cadre work following the War of 3039, the Glory Warriors signed a long-term contract with the young realm, spending the next eight years repelling pirate raids and training both planetary militias and KungsArmé units. As of 3049 the Warriors were posted to Skallevoll in the FRR's Rasalhague Province, the planet's position on the Periphery border keeping the unit busy facing numerous pirate raids. In keeping with the mercenaries' cadre role, the Second Skallevoll People's Mechanized Regiment was attached to the unit as the Warriors trained them in intensive anti-'Mech tactics. During this period a dispute between the unit's company commanders led the Second and Third Companies' officers to quit the unit, while Major Kent Clark was able to quickly secure replacements, the newly-hired commanders were not fully integrated with their new troops.[1][2]

With Skallevoll among the many worlds targeted by Clan Wolf's first Invasion Wave in March 3050, the Glory Warriors were one of the first Inner Sphere units to face the Clans. Assisted by the Skallevoll People's Militia, a burgeoning force composed of the 1st Skallevoll People's Armored Regiment and the First and Third Skallevoll People's Mechanized Regiment, the Glory Warriors faced Gamma Galaxy's Seventh Battle Cluster at both Stormgard's Crossing and Kesig Plain. Unprepared and utterly outmatched by the elite Clan forces, almost all the mercenaries and local forces were quickly destroyed by the mysterious invaders, the Skallevoll government suing for peace shortly after.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Glory Warriors
Major Kent Clark 3049 - 3050[1][2]


With no combat unit heavier than 60 tons, the Glory Warriors were a highly mobile force that specialized in disengaging from numerically superior opponents to fight again later. Thanks to the efforts of their CO, the Warriors' had an ability to "hide in plain sight" that rivaled even that of the infamous Killer Bees, utilizing terrain rather than the camouflage the Bees rely upon. [1]

Composition History[edit]


The Glory Warriors (Battalion/Green/Questionable)[1] [2]

  • CO: Major Kent Clark


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