Gorgon (DropShip class)

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Gorgon Carrier.jpg
Production information
Manufacturer  ???
Production Year 3096[1]
Use Fighter Carrier
Type Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 6,800 tons
Structural Integrity 12
Length 103 meters
Width 86 meters
Height 39 meters
Safe Thrust 4
Max Thrust 6
Fuel (tons) 500 tons
Fuel (days) 271.7 days
Armament Weaponry
Armor Ferro-Aluminum
Crew 3 Officers
3 Enlisted/No-Rates
4 Gunners
36 Bay personnel
Heat Sinks 88 Double Heat Sinks
BV (2.0) 6,133[2][3][4]


Designed by elements of the former Free Worlds League near the end of the thirty-first century, the Gorgon-class DropShip is a medium sized fighter carrier. The class first appeared in 3096 and was intended to act as an interdiction vessel, with its fighter compliment as its primary means of carrying out its missions. The ship would serve the splintered Free Worlds League well into mid thirty-second century and continues to serve the partially reunited House Marik.[5]

Armament and Capacities[edit]

Though designed as an interdiction and force-projection vessel, the Gorgon is considered to be slow for interdiction missions. However, it carries a large payload of fuel in order keep itself and its fighter compliment supplied for its missions.

Often deployed in place of assault- or "Pocket WarShip" type DropShips, the Gorgon is fitted with 51.5 tons of Ferro-Aluminum Armor to allow it to survive the rigors of these combat engagements. Its armor is nearly evenly spread out throughout the hull with slightly enhanced nose and wings sections armor.

The class was designed to be a modern version of the ancient Titan-class fighter carrier DropShip, with its ability to deploy three aerospace fighter squadrons. One of the ship's unique features is the cargo bay running the length of the hull, which can hold a thousand tons of cargo to sustain its fighter compliment and itself. However, during course of its active use, many ships would have their cargo bays modified into an internal bomb bay, effectively allowing the Gorgon to act as massive bomber carrying aerospace craft that could deliver devastating bombing runs to both space and ground targets.

The ship's weaponry includes three Extended-Range PPCs and three Gauss Rifles with 48 rounds of ammunition in the nose section. Two weapons bays provide the ship with a powerful weapon array along with its wing section which includes a Heavy PPC and a pair of Artemis IV-guided 15-tubed Long-Range Missile launchers with 48 volleys worth of fire. From these wing arcs six Anti-Missile Systems (3 per wing section) provide a screen of point defense fire against small to capital scale missiles. The Gorgon's aft weaponry includes a pair of Artemis IV FCS-controlled 15-tube LRMs and three more Anti-Missile Systems.[6]


  • Bay 1: Aerospace Fighter Bay (18 Fighters) - 3 Doors
  • Bay 2: Cargo (1,002 tons) - 1 Door

Named Vessels[edit]

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The Gorgon features the following Design Quirk:


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