Hamilcar (DropShip class)

Hamilcar TRO3057r.png
Production information
Manufacturer Irian Naval Systems[1]
Production Year 3054[2]
Use Space Assault Ship
Type Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Star League
Technical specifications
Mass 4,400[3] tons
Structural Integrity 9
Length 132 meters
Width 98 meters
Height 34 meters
Drive System Unknown
Safe Thrust 2 g
Max Thrust 3 g
Fuel (tons) 97 tons
Fuel (days) 52.7 days
Armor 35.5 tons standard
Crew 36[3]
  • 6 Officers
  • 27 Enlisted
  • 3 Gunners

Bay Personnel: 24

Escape Pods/Life Boats 4/0
Heat Sinks 56 double (112)
BV (1.0) 3,812[3][4]
BV (2.0) 4,162[citation needed]


Developed by a Marik think tank, the Hamilcar-class DropShip is a unique and hard-to-classify space assault vessel.

When first revealed, many observers wrote the design off as a poorly designed raider, neither a fighter nor 'Mech carrier. Opinions changed when the Hamilcar first saw action, defeating a group of terrorists that had seized a cargo station at the L2 point of Concord. In a showpiece of integrated action between the DropShip, Jump Jet equipped BattleMechs and aerospace fighters, the ship and its cargo geared towards acting as a zero-g combat unit, the unit descended on the station and vented the station's atmosphere while a second lance simultaneously landed on the hull of the rebel Mule. The terrorists quickly surrendered.[3]

However, beyond its rather niche role and unusual design features, the Hamilcar is a relatively mediocre design at best, hampered by a mere 80 tons of fuel, scant cargo space, limited weapons array, and a paltry 35 tons of armor. The vessel is so focused on operating in concert with its 'Mechs and fighter screen that it isn't a viable combatant without them.[3][5]


The Hamilcar recovered technology arsenal is almost exclusively forward facing, consisting of a Gauss rifle, ER Large Laser, Artemis IV FCS enhanced LRM-20 and SRM-4 racks mounted in the nose, backed up by an ER large laser, LRM-20, ER PPC and Large Pulse Laser in each wing. Aft weaponry consists of another ER large laser backed up by an LRM-15 and SRM-4, complemented by further rear-facing LRM-15s in each wing.[3][5]


The Hamilcar features a mere 90 tons of cargo, devoting most of its available space toward carrying two Lances of BattleMechs and two aerospace fighter Lances. The bays for the four fighters are deserving of note for their unusual placement directly below the engines. This is rather eccentric, but allows the fighters to be removed or loaded on the ground via simple ramps, which is generally not possible on most other DropShips.[3][5]


No known variants

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